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Civil Rights Movement Assignment Help

Research Paper on the topic Civil Rights Movement.

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Civil Rights Movement


There are number of social movements that have grabbed the attention of the world in so many ways however the one movement which captured the attention of many was Civil Rights Movement. The factor that this movement is highly fascinating for so many is primarily because the movement was finally based on freedom and equality. The objective of this movement was to motivate the people to provide blacks the rights to stay equals to the society. The fact is that without this movement more than half of the America will not have any kind of rights. This movement took a longer period of time in order to carry out however the result was amazing in the end. The final objectives of movement were to abandon racial kind of segregation as well as discrimination which happened against blacks in America. This movement was so successful because the organization as well as the overall participation that it got from black society or community. There are number of churches that were the part of home base of where so many of planning happened. Women were giving out the pamphlets on the street. However, without this community the movement will not have gone any far like it actually did. At the time of movement, women were completely forgotten, even when women were playing an important role making the whole movement happen, they actually never heard of.


The case of EmmettTill is a perfect example for the main motivation behind the civil rights movement in the sense that it further launches a new revolution in media as well as got the national attention for the sake of the movement. 14 years ago, before the movement actually started, Emmett visited the relative in Mississippi in the year 1955 specifically in the month of August.He was murdered by the white men only because of his colour. The men were later tried for in court for murder, however, all white people, jury acquitted the culprits. The murder to Emmett and open funeral encouraged the revolution and further fired up the upcoming Civil Rights Movement. The parents of Emmett took some brave decisions of having an open cascade during the ceremony, this what really showed the rest of the country, how bad African American were treated. This case was part of series of cases which worked as wake up call for citizen of US and bad realities associated with lynching. The overall broadcast of the images of Emmett remains into the house of all US citizens was so strong that it completely shocked people into understanding the lynching was not only a southern kind of issue, however rather US issue and it in successful manner highlighted the restrictions of the law in connection of federal vs state as well as also different kind of local colour. Until this moment of Northern side of population see the movement as a challenge with unfair treatment, this further worked like a wakeup call that completely shocked the based on caring and gaining clarity that such movement was actually a matter based on preservation of people's lives. As per the research, Emmett's death has the strong impact on activists of Mississippi civil rights. The research then an NAACP area officer in Mississippi and other part of world have further urged NAACP leadership in National to get part of the process and along with NAACP fields employees like Amzie Moore as well as Ruby Hurley. They conduct a search secretly for witnesses are willing to take a very serious kind of risk to come further, from such statement one can based on assumption that his death was actually ignited the complete movement further. Also, his death brought so many in many kinds of activist into the movement, also after the death had not been the initial one but the first to get this high level of notorious that is exactly about such movement required to actually kick initiate it. Other kind of role in this case has played was the overall attention on black journalist naming Simeon Booker actually understand it. It was the initial time where the press especially White people that had taken some level of interest in a situation like this kind of movement. This was the time where the leaders at the time movement which one is able to capture a hold of the overall power of the press based on non-black and establish a motion an association with the media that can significant towards the success of the current movement.

It can be mentioned that the modern Civil Rights Movement was born out of and exercised within the reality of the Black church since this is right it only makes some kind of sense that the gender-based roles that are shaping the black church were the similar type that is shaping the overall movement. The woman was most importantly can be seen and not can be heard unless it was the overall wish of the people at the time movement. The church can also subscribe the overall concept of the charisma associated of leadership pick up a figurehead since the face of movement at ground level that lead to the movement. At the time of male minister supervise the church and the women of the church do all kind of work that comes with functioning of the church and prepare for service every week on Sunday, the women in the process make sure order, designed flyers as well as developed chains of data. The south side Christian Leadership conference can be looking as a microcosm of the overall design of Civil Right Movement. At that time, Martin Luther King Junior, who worked as a figurehead for the Civil Rights Movement and contain male ministers, established it. These people travel together and will further preach about peace as well as equality however it was based on women who were crucial in organizing the foundation work. It was highly apparent was the direct association between the religion as well as the leaders as a part of movement. The men whom people know was the main faces of the movement were primarily leaders who were heading the religion. Like for instance, Martin Luther King Junior was Baptist executive as well as Malcolm X was at the top of the temple number seven of the country of Islam situated in Harlem. The reason that many movements related to civil rights were also leaders in church shows that how much churches and such movement go at same place. If it was not for the church many people will come at one place and further form a bond collectively based on Civil Rights movement that have been considered very successful. The two most important kinds of leadership in the Civil Rights Movement as well as Black Power are related with leadership that were charismatic people and ground level leadership. So, with movement that can be highly successful there was so many figureheads. What such figurehead was just facing the movement, for instance where Martin Luther King Junior was one of the figure heads selecting for such movement. When people thinking of the Civil Rights Movement, he was the one what actually comes in the mind initially. The two most important kinds of leadership in the phase of the Civil Rights Movement as well as Black power are highly charismatic leadership and ground level leadership. The concept of charismatic leadership was highly recognized kind of leadership in the movement this kind of structure is designed after the black church. It selects the figurehead with a highly charismatic level of disposition to most importantly function as the face of the movement like Martin Luther King or any one else. This kind of leadership was common kind among companies like NAACP and SCLC. The other kind of leadership, not as important however still common, is considered as ground level leadership that most importantly can be advocated for the sake leadership that initiate from the ground level, it developed for the people by the people. Showing ideas and thinking that are relayed in direct manner from those who can be conceived the concept, not from a supervise or a figurehead. Such kind of leadership was highly popular in student kind of groups like SNCC and was advocating by leaders like Ella Baker. At the same time, two kinds of leadership are recognized in different sphere. However, they do require one another. A leader who us specifically a figurehead is considered as a good buffer to permit the ground level of work that continues further without any kind of disruption while the press attention and public attention at the attention towards the leader. Ground level of work is further fuelled by the employees as well as a charismatic leader which can draw in high level of manpower as well as concepts when people are highly attractive towards a figurehead the overall charisma. The most important thing to understand here is that charismatic leader will have nothing to actually put in steps or action if for the work at ground level, developing campaigns, strategies and concepts. The term manpower, shows that only men are the ones who are putting hard work into such movements. At this movement but, women are completely overlooked. Women were the active part of this movement and they were behind all the work put up in schools and churches for different kinds of protests. As per the reports, many women as a part of the movement played as a part of background, either by bias or by choice, because any women especially of any colour faced a lot of racism as well as sexism.

The current Civil Rights Movements establish the stage for the emerging of new kind of power as a pert of Black People in the USA. It was the time in history where all kind of oppressed one took a more organized stand against any kind of oppressor in turn while performing this, they are also able to find some voices along the process, yet any movement that was committed to some kind of reformation based on roles that has serious flaws. As per the report, women also play an important role however were usually little identified and relegated to some kind of token positions, also hold considerable amount of merit. Such movements were so focused on the overall progression, was dependent on an oppressive structure of the current patriarchal leadership; one can design to change the voice of women until men took stand it can help in serving some kind of motive. The old oppressive hierarchy, gave birth to Black Church, did the same thing to Black women what white USA was doing to whole population of Black, yet such movement will not have developed and been highly successful without women to actually organize and spread awareness. In such cases, the oppressed group actually became the oppressor.
The role of women in the Civil Rights Movement was only restricted to organizing, executing and appearing. The overall mobilization of all kind of events in the current movement dependent on women like JO Ann Robinson as well as the Women's Political Council who actually were the biggest force on ground level associated with Montgomery Bus Boycott. In places like Hampton and many other movements, many specialists take notes about the Women's Political Council that had been taking care of the phone call about the overall arrest of Rosa park for approx. 3 years. At the same time, women are also running the whole movement on ground level which actually showed that women were part of oppressive role as a part of fact that any company that was called as a political council and was held accountable for completely cutting the stencils and making various copies that is a tedious or mundane work. The women were permitted to make a firm and utilise the word political in naming themselves, but the bigger motive was based on making flyers, that can comfortable be called as stereotypical work for women. Also, the work of Robinson that the overall phone call started a careful crafted plan can show the reason that Parks can select different proponent of the plan, where some people who were the make leaders decided will be right to initiate actions.


The technique of framing along with other tactics that the movement utilised was based adopting of specific words that will catch the attention of people and they use words like peace, freedom, equality and many more, so that when people will see such pamphlets posters or signatures, they are able to associate to challenges a lot more.

What different people tend to completely forget when such movements are brought up is how crucial women were use to be when they were the one performing the ground level work or grunt work while men were simply the leaders or face of the movement. The work that women did in movement was simply called as the ground level work however, without the grunt work, the women performed the movement that will not have been highly successful as well as the men will not have gotten the overall praise as well as recognition that they performed.

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