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CIS8009 - Management of Business Telecommunications Industry research paper


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Research Paper

This assignment continuous the story of the two organisations you had selected in the first assignment (preliminary work) and uses the basis of the second assignment (research paper 1).

In this third assignment (research paper 2) you now need to address how these two organisations can improve business operations by changing their communication systems and network elements and by adopting new network technologies and/or improvements to management thereof.


The conventional rise of the digital infrastructure has been reshaped by the transformation of the business landscape on a global scale. In the current ultra-competitive market economy, which subjects a business to be unlimited possibilities of disruption and requires continuous innovation, the demands are placed on IT infrastructure for sustaining a business model. Network infrastructure and the management of the business telecommunications is considered a crucial element for making certain the success of the business. The rapid onset of a globalised discourse in the market space has brought forth the need of incorporating innovative measures for retaining a profit margin. The small and medium enterprises, which are still in their expansionary stage, seek for a easy to use yet scalable digital infrastructure, primarily for building a strong relation for research sharing and collaboration. The larger enterprises, on the other hand, seek to employ a dedicated network for handling the various tasks and responsibilities of the business. The larger enterprises have greater need for their database management, handling and storing of information, retrieving, managing and sharing is also at a much larger scale than the small and medium enterprises. Henceforth, the digital infrastructure and the business network essentially function as the primary enabler for the various business operations.


Overview of the two companies

Overview of Amazon Inc

The organisation being selected,, Amazon, has been in operations for two decades, successfully enhancing their business outreach and positioning themselves as global business entity. The company was founded by Jeff Bezos in the year 1995, the founder had the vision of building the largest book store with providing the customers the option of availing their favourite books from their doorsteps (US About Amazon, 2019). Amazon was a huge success primarily due to the ease in the shopping it provided the customers with, effectively enhancing their product portfolio and rebranding the business as a platform for the retailer and the customers. The business offers their products and services for namely four types of customers, content creators, enterprises, sellers and the consumers. The business serves their customers through their website branded as The business has brought forth mobile applications for the customers to interact with the products and services at ease.

Amazon Inc. engages in providing the customers with an online retail service for shopping, operating in different geographical domains and providing worldwide shipping. The business operates in North America, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and International business segments. The North American segment of the business comprises of the retail sales of the subscriptions and the consumer products through their focused websites. The international business segment provides retail sales with internationally dedicated websites. The Web service business segments is involved in the international sale of storage, compute, database and service offerings for the enterprises, start-ups, academic institutions and government agencies.

The mission statement of the business has been centred around ensuring that the primary focus is being provided on customer service of the highest quality, effectively making the business a customer cent6ric company and building a place where the customers are prioritised and their needs and demands satiated. The company seeks to become the leader in the e-commerce market with an international leadership in the market. The customers are to be provided the best available product and service selection with highest convenience possible and lowest margins of price(US About Amazon, 2019).

Information system

The Information system at Amazon is complex and has been fabricated with considering different layers of the business operations. Amazon started with having a database running ion the Digital Alpha Servers, which was soon upgraded with the company expending $200 million for purchasing new systems, including analysis software from ‘Epiphany', DBMS software from Oracle and logistics software from ‘manugistics'(, 2019).

Amazon handles their communication with the suppliers with Excel on for their business-to-business (B-to-B) integration system. The Simple Storage and the Amazon Web services are the main elements of their digital infrastructure developed by Amazon. The company collates custom information through their wish list, data mining and searching, which is made possible through their customer relation management. The information system is based on the SOA architecture or the Service Oriented Architecture. The service platform is fully decentralised and distributed platform, which enables the information system of the business to be scalable and robust (Westerman. and Bonnet, 2015).

Use of WAN
Amazon being a massive enterprise has successfully incorporated WAN in their business operations, with three discrete locations being connected with the wide area networks. The data centres, distribution offices and the remote users. The data centres for the business comprise of the computing resources, which could service massive entry of data. Three is a high requirement of bandwidth, unlike the distribution offices where the bandwidth requirement is less with lower latency requirement. The organisations such as Amazon require high bandwidth for linking their data centres across different geographies and thus the WAN has provided with an effective solution.


Transaction Processing System

Amazon has brought forth one click ordering for the customers, with easy to use credit card transaction and personalised shopping services. The business focuses on communicating with their customers and ships around the world. The customers who are registered on their databases could order their products with a single click, the services automatically ensure that the information required for the customers' purchase are being provided(Vanian et al., 2014). The business employs secure encrypted transaction system for the customers with using secured server applications. The personal information, information pertaining to the credit cards and other sensitive data is protected on their databases, which is encrypted for preventing any misuse.

Recommendation system

Amazon has conceived an exceptional recommendation system, which essentially recommends the utmost by analysing the past purchases by a particular customer and evaluating their search session. The system stores the orders made by the customers, with the system being based on data mining and linking which records the search queries and the movements for providing a personalised shopping experiences the use of CRM for an e- commerce business has enabled Amazon for capturing, integrating and distributing data, which is gained inn website. Amazon's Network (Smith and Linden, 2017).

The network of the business is very expansive and has been created with factoring in different layers of business functioning. The network handles 25 terabits/second of the traffic in inter-availability zone. The digital infrastructure which is needed for sustaining a business such as Amazon require digital networking equipment's which are too expensive, henceforth Amazon has brought routing equipment's from the original manufacturers which is then connected to a customer software for network protocol designed by Amazon.The network uses around 8000 servers for their network and there are regular tests, whichare conducted for monitoring the durability of the network.

Amazon connects their 11 international regions, each consisting of numerous data centres, with using private fibre connects, which essentially helps the organisation in bypassing the various global networking problems, which could arise because of malfunction issues, or peering issues. Each of the availability zones in a particular region includes two or more than two data centres, which are effectively independent buildings, comprising of more than 50,000 servers. The network has been designed with making sure that in event of any catastrophe, the damage is being minimized and contained within a particular locus and there is not a loss of heavy machinery at once(Pearlsonet al., 2016).

Amazon has also invested heavily in building forth a single root based I/O virtualization, which is type of application defined technique of networking that the organisation describes has been primarily used for virtualising the network cards. The implementation of the technique in the digital infrastructure is especially difficult and this implies that the organisation has to make certain that proper attention is paid to the DDOs or the Distributed denial of service protection and the limits of their network capacity, which has enabled the business to be befitted from the lower latency.

Overview of CloudReach

CloudReach is a multinational consultancy, which specialises in providing cloud computation solutions with planning, implementing, and providing operational support for the cloud services. The company is based in London, UK and has multiple offices in different locations. The company was founded by James Monico and Pontus Noren and was ranked in as among the top 20 fastest growing British technological business. The business was acquired by the investing firm Blackstone in the year 2017, which subsequently saw the business merging two US based firms Cloudamize, a firm specialising in cloud migration and Emerging Technology Advisors, a firm based on providing professional services pertaining to cloud. The company has now more than 700 employers across different countries including India, Switzerland, US, Canada, Germany and France(Cloudreach, 2019).

CloudReach has established them as one of the leading providers of the software based cloud services, empowering the biggest business in the world with their innovative and intelligent services. The company provides services for planning, developing and modernising the software platforms of a business with incorporating cloud infrastructure for driving innovation and gaining experience. Other expertise of the business include providing next generational cloud applications and data solutions for helping to obtain insights regarding cloud based data analytics. The business helps the other firms in getting a strong cloud foundation and strategy empowering the business for getting tool, process, people and vision for achieving enhanced efficacy in business operations.

CloudReach and Blackstone

CloudReach is a cloud service enables and provides expert service and products for the medium and the larger enterprise. With offices spread across numerous geographical locations, the firm has established a strong presence in different markets with an agile approach to their business. The business model is marked with tenets of deep experience and expertise in operating, enabling and integrating cloud technologies. Blackstone is a leading investment firm, who seek to create a long-term value and economic sustainable business opportunity for their stakeholders. The public cloud services industry market has been expected to grow to $236 billion by the year 2020. The first wave of the cloud adoption will see a rapid influx of more customers who will be searching for expert yet affordable options. This merger in between Blackstone and CloudReach at such as key point of inflection will help the firm in expanding and accelerating the capabilities of CloudReach and cater to the consumer needs and demands with greater efficacy. In their services of providing solution to their clients for migrating to their digital systems to clouds, the business also provides support for the clients with remotely managing their network and applications. The company will also be built on their physical infrastructure with the merger with Blackstone, capitalising on the demand for cloud adoption services (, 2016).


Application of VPN

CloudReach being a small medium enterprise is not equipped with the capital for developing infrastructure required for connecting the various remote offices employing the Wide Area Networks. The installations and maintenance of the wide area networks require substantial expenditure, henceforth the business instead of solely relying on their dedicated connective, uses the Virtual Private networks, which connects the various remote offices. The VPN provides the business with a reliable and secure connection in between the computer networks and carries the data in an encrypted secured tunnel or private connection.

The proliferation and the evolution of the business have brought forth need of incorporating innovative solution or managing the business operations while simultaneously retaining a profit margin. The needs for a robust, scalable, easily deployable and reliable connective has brought forth the usage of the services such as Virtual Private Networks, which form the major network element of the backbone of the company's business digital infrastructure. The growing need for the accessing of the central applications and the data repository has been facilitated with the use of VPN for the day-to-day business operations (Jyothiand Reddy, 2018).

The application of VPN provides the business with the option of saving substantial amounts while simultaneously ensuring that the authenticity and the confidentiality of the data are being maintained. The private connection or the tunnel helps in ensuring that the integrity and the security of sensitive data are being considered. The offices, which are based in the remote locations, could connect directly to the head offices with using the intranet and this allows them for using the data repository and the central applications of the firm. The employees are being able to work with the company with using virtual teams; the users employ VPN for accessing the central repository of the business data.

CloudReach Network
The business CloudReach being a small enterprise does not prioritise the building up of a vast infrastructure physically instead focuses on the channelizing of the profits for developing their core strengths. The company makes the use of the clod computing services for the network backbone.

There is lower initial investment required in conceiving the hardware infrastructure, management expenses, maintained costs and the software expenses. The software is, such as anti-spam applications, remote monitoring software's, data backup and the e-mail archiving applications, which are required, could be obtained on a licensing basis.

The software and the hardware are easier for managing and the business do not have to expend substantial amount in their power and space expenses. Considering how the business is growing, it is very imperative for the business to ensure that the evolving hardware and the software needs of the business are being considered. The employment of the cloud computing solutions, the business could accommodate the evolving changes and essentially enhance their business operations as their business expands (Libertet al., 2016).

Since the purchasing, implementing and the building process for the hardware infrastructure takes time, the application of the cloud solution for the digital network for the firm helps in achieving a degree of efficiency. Another significant advantage for the brand is that the location interdependent which the firm is being able to incorporate in their business model. The offices, which are based on the remote locations, could connect directly to the head offices with using the intranet and this allows them for using the data repository and the central applications of the firm. The sales forces and the employee personnel of the firm are being able to access the central repository and the applications on their internet connections. This network is also device independent, which allows the users for accessing the services with smartphones, tablets or computers.

Differences in between networks of Amazon and Cloud Reach

The network infrastructure of Amazon Inc, which is used for conducting the business proceeding is a cluster of smaller networks, which ensures that the users and the computers in a particular location could essentially communicate with the other users and computers spread across the different location. The usage of the private fibre links interconnects helps in connecting the various geographical locations with higher performance, increased availability, reduced expenses and lower jitter in traffic, handling 25 terabits/ second of traffic from 50000-80000 servers clustered in different data centers.

The VPN used by CloudReach is a technology, which creates an encrypted secure network over a less secure architecture, ensuring that there is an appropriate level of security for the systems connection. The justification of the use of this particular network architecture of using VPN over cloud, boils down to the feasibility and cost. Since the firm is small enterprise, the use of remote access VPN enables the firm for achieving a tandem in business operations, simultaneously connecting the various individual entities with the central data repository of the business.

Both of the two organisations are technology oriented and they improve connectivity. Among people and organisation or work for helping people to manage data and take smart decisions. However, both of the two organisations have some major differences, in terms of organisational structure, employee number, services and other features. First the employee number is a huge difference between the two companies. While Amazon is an international organisation with highest market share in the retail e commerce industry, this firm is existent only in few nations or regions. This has a mere 1000 employees while Amazon has more than 566,000, working for its' headquarter and global subsidiaries. This makes the two organisations completely different in terms of their size. As the size of Amazon is bigger, t has more complicated business functions. Both regional that is geographical and functional structure is existent in Amazon. The whole business functions are divided among areas like Asian nations, Middle East and so on. Along with that, each subsidiary have distinct functional department, starting from operations to marketing to human resource management. On the other hand, cloudreach has a function based structure due to its low global presence. Much of its functions is operated from the source nation that is UK. Thus, both of the two organisations have huge differences, despite the fact that both of them are in the partially a part of the ecommerce industry.

The above section mainly focuses on the technical information of network operations in organisations like Amazon and cloudreach. The networks give better services to organisations and help them with planning and organising producer. Amazon has a global reputation, while cloud reach is only known to business working in business organisations as the cloud platform is mainly used for storing company related data online. Therefore the targeted customer segment in both of the two organisations has different behavioural and lifestyle features. Amazon mostly gives services directly to the end users. In the case of couldreach, this could be different. The distribution channel can be both business to business and business to customers. Most of the customers of Amazon is retail customers looking for regular products. On the other hand, the customers of cloud reach mainly are business organisations or such users who have the need to store huge data, mostly for business purpose. The both organisations have several differences and similarities based on the network system they use. Both of them use different network system. The above section has elaborated the different of the two types of network systems used by the two organisations.


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