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JRN 321 Visual Journalism 

JRN 321 Visual Journalism course teaches students how visual elements are essential in digital media, and precisely when it comes to news. Students will also learn how to incorporate effective visual elements while gathering and reporting the news. They are required to critically look at the impression of digital media and mediated messages. JRN 321 Visual Journalism course further identifies and addresses the challenges that come with visual journalism. Assignments associated with this course typically come in theory, but the student must incorporate certain practical aspects to be able to bring out the ideas well. However, not all students are able to perform this assignment as required. 

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Many hurdles come in the way of students as they perform assignments associated with this assignment. Different students have different plans for that time of their day that is left after their school period is over. There are only a few hours or minutes left for them to do their homework and assignments. We should take notes that college students are all adults, and even some are parents who have many responsibilities to take care of. This, in a nutshell, means there is really very limited time for research and writing the assignment. For some students, the time they have to tackle difficult concepts is also not there, hence a poor progressive performance caused by incomplete or poorly done assignments.

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