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BUSS1501 Operations Management - Middle East College, Oman 


Supply Chain Management in Ooredoo Oman

1. Introduction: Ooredoo is an Omani Qatari telecommunication company which was founded in the year 2004. In the year 2010, the company started its journey in the international market with the help of residential fixed and broadband services. in the same year, the company was listed in MSM (Muscat Stock Market). majorly the company is offering broadband services to the consumers. moreover, the company sell voice and data services over fibre, 2.75G, WiMax and 3G+. additionally, according to capitalization, the company is 4th largest telecommunication company. the purpose of the company is to provide the best connectivity and reliability experience to the consumers through its internet services (, 2018). Currently, the company has more than 100 million subscribers all across the globe.

1. To analyze the operational below issues and what could be the action plan to solve them using appropriate project plans or Gantt chart;

• Forecasting process & Issues of the organization

• Capacity Management & Issues of the organization

• Day 2 days operational issues that an organization is facing

Answer: Ooredoo is working from quite a long time in the telecommunication market and the company has developed a strong customer base. However, over timethe competition is increasing and it is important for the company to streamline its operations and provide the best experience to the consumers.

Operational Issues: The customer service and support team of the company was facing serious challenges in the management of the callcentre. This is mainly because there was a lack of knowledge sharing tools and devices. Most of the time employees were unable to convey the right information to the relevant person on time due to which the complexity in work was increasing.

Moreover, there were no written instructions or documentation which could help the agents in providing the relevant and appropriate information to the consumers. due to this problem, the consumers were getting angry and their satisfaction level was also decreasing. This is mainly because due to lack of streamlining the employees were unable to guide the consumers in the right way. For instance, if a consumer has called to get the information regarding changing the password of his device, then one agent will suggest one method and the other one will have the different story to tell the customer. In this manner, the same consumer was getting multiple information regarding the same topic. It was confusing them and even after calling multiple times they were unable to obtain the right solution for the problem.

To solve the issue effectively, the company took help from Dezidewhich is a famous IT company in the region. It provided the digital solution for knowledge management in the organization. Ooredoo was looking for a knowledge management software solution which could ensure the timely sharing of information and support the consumers. it was also necessary for improving the image of the company among the consumers and increase their trust and loyalty for reducing the consumer turnover. Moreover, it was also necessary that the information is both in the Arabic and English language. The switching should be transparent between the two languages. The information searching option should also be in both Arabic and English. It took the time period of around 3 months to Dezide for searching designing a software solution which could support the company(, 2017).

However, its effective implementation of a new problem arise for the company as there were some of the employees present in the call centre who were unable to correctly translate the speech for instance, some Arabic agents were unable to understand the English comments of the consumers and then regarding that provide the correct and tailored answers to them. for dealing with this issue, the company has hired Globitel,a well-known company which provide the SpeechLog Call recorder services. the sophisticated solution has the ability to not only record the calls but also analyze its quality and then check analytics as well(, 2018).


2. Explain the concept of ERP & MRP in the modern context and the importance of information technology for operation management?

Answer: ERP & MRP: SAP is the key software solution which is being used by the company for the management of the planning process. The company is using this software solution from quite some time. over the time its partnership has been improved with SAP due to which an event was hosted in the region with the name "SAP NOW." Ooredoo completely supported and collaborated with SAP in the inaugural ceremony. Under this event new cloud-based novel business models as well as innovations which will provide the best experience to the consumers. moreover, due to collaboration with the SAP the company has strong chances of growth in the region (, 2018).

SAP has made the work easier for Ooredoo due to proper management of the tasks the company was able to make a huge profit. Ooredoo Advantage is another service which has been introduced by the company which has made it desirable and best among the SMEs. Moreover, SAP has also collaborated with Huawei and in collaboration, they have introduced various software solutions like SAP HANA in-memory and SAP S/4HANA for the real-time business suite.

For increasing the demand for SAP solutions among the consumers of Qatar, Ooredoo is offering managed cloud solutions. OpEx consumption model has been designed by the company which can be obtained by the consumers from the data centre. Ooredoo is supporting SAP so much in the region because the company has implemented it in its business and making a huge profit. For instance, due to the usage of cloud services the company can easily bundle the infrastructure and hosting services. application life cycle management, consulting and security aspects can also be managed effectively (, 2018). Moreover, due to the use of the OpExmodel, the companies will become more agile and the chances of growth will increase. Such as the companies can quickly and easily scale-up the business.

With the passage of time, the client base of Ooredoo is increasing. to accommodate and manage the large number of consumers the company has introduced an ESC (Enterprise Support Center) which will be providing first level assurance to Ooredoo. This new system will be providing 24-hour support line to the consumers. instant support will be provided to the customers. Ooredoo is committed to enhancing the digital innovations in a short period of time.

Moreover, for further improving the overall customer experience in Qatar the company is using VoLTE service through NFV which has been provided by Huawei. For completing this whole project, the company used a multi-vendor approach as it involved big technology companies such as Huawei, HP and VMware. Although keeping different vendors at the same project was quite a complex approach. With the strong collaboration with Huawei, the company was able to develop its cloud DC in a short time period of 2 months. With the help of this new system, the operators were able to share the data sources on demand. This practice improved resource utilization and enabled Ooredoo to complete its CloudMS deployment in just 3 hours (, 2017).


3. Analyze the Supply chain Management in the selected organization.

Answer: Supply Chain: Supply chain management is necessary for any company for improving the business structure and deliver the best kind of experiences to the consumers. Ooredoo has signed a deal with Brightstar Corp for the management of its supply chain. Brightstar Corp is from one of the largest wireless distributors in the world. Moreover, the company also provide a variety of services to consumers. Brightstar is providing support to Ooredoo in different areas such as procuring latest cellphone devices, channel management, distribution, forecasting, device insurance as well as protection solutions.

By the help of this new company, Ooredoo is planning to enhance focus on mobile sector as the company is trying to expand the range of wearable technology for the consumers and enhance their experience with the digital lifestyles. Previously the company was facing the issue of penetration in the market because in the different markets like Middle East, Southeast Asia and North Africa the penetration was reduced because the consumers were looking for the digital solutions at the affordable prices. However, the company wanted to become a leader in these markets too,but it was not possible without streamlining the overall supply chain.

Due to collaboration with the new company, the smartphone penetration will increase in the different markets and the company will also be able to deliver digital solutions at affordable prices. The data revenues of the company will be improved over time. various other services have also been introduced such as buy-back and trade-in initiatives as well as device insurance programs. The CEO of the company has claimed that these new services are necessary for elevating the customer experience to new heights (, 2015).

The company is putting too much effort into this dimension because with the passage of time the telecom industry of the Middle East is evolving and shifting towards the operator-driven model. This is mainly because the use of LTE networks is evolving and there is above 80% smartphone penetration. Consumers are looking to the operators who could provide them with complete device solutions with upgrade options on an annual basis (, 2015).

Due to optimized supply chain operations, the company can reduce the cost from the different areas and use this cost in for various other useful purposes. for instance, Ooredoo is a community-focused company and does not leave even a single opportunity to provide the best services to the consumers. the company believes that it can stimulate the growth of humans by improving their communication and also aid them in accomplishing the full potential. Due to the hard work and innovative technologies the company received the best mobile operator in the world award in the year 2013.

Additionally, in the year 2015, the company signed a 5-year long contract with Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei and Ericsson because the company planned massive infrastructure building program networks around Southeast Asia, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa. Alcatel-Lucent is the main supplier of the company who is responsible for providing packet microwave, IP routing systems as well as network management services for the projects which are continued in Africa and the Middle East. This agreement for the management of cloud-based services and video demand in the regions because networking traffic has increased exponentially(Martin, 2016).

On the other hand, for the improvement of radio, core and transmission equipment the company will be relying on Ericsson. This raw material will be used for the development of 2G, 3G and 4G networks. The Ericsson software solutions will help the company in introducing the new functions plus services around the mobile networks of the company.

Huawei is the 3rd major supplier of the company which will also be helping it in introducing new services and software solutions. For instance, Huawei will be responsible for providing kits for 2G, 3G, LTE-A and LTE networks. Range of the equipment which will be offered by Huawei include antennae, broadcast and microwave technology. moreover, IP multimedia subsystems and virtualized core for the mobile broadband will also be provided by Huawei. Huawei has installed FTTH (Fibre-To-The-Home) broadband network in the Qatar region while mobile broadband networks have been installed in the areas like Myanmar, Kuwait, Indonesia, Oman, Iraq, Maldives and Tunisia (, 2015).

Due to the extensive market distributor network, the company can improve its international presence. Although the main markets of Ooredoo are currently, Qatar and the Middle East but it can also get access to Asian and European markets. However, it needs to maintain the quality factor of the products because with the low quality it will be difficult to grab the attention of the consumers.


Conclusion: It can be concluded that Ooredoo is doing very good in the Middle East and Africa region. Due to the innovative nature of the company, it has a strong consumer base. The company has collaborated with different big technology companies like Huawei, SAP and Ericson for the management of operations in a smooth manner. moreover, the company depends on the latest technology for the completion of the optimization of its business operations. currently, SAP is the major software which the company is using for managing the accounts. While for solving the other issues like a callcentre, customer management and supply chain different technology leaders of the market have been contacted.

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