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BUSN20017 Developing your Communication Competency Assignment Help

The objective of this reflective essay is to summarize what you learned from the unit and how you believe your learnings could be applied by you in your future career goals.

Section one: For weeks one to ten you should identify one important or significant concept that you have learned about.

You should define the concept and then explain why it is important to you in your current or future line of work. It is not enough to simply say that the concept is important, you will need to explain why.

Section two: Based on your discussion of the ten significant concepts you should provide a literature review of one of the concepts. So for example, if you found that listening was an important communication concept then you should provide a literature review on the current academic understanding of the importance of listening within the work environment.

Section three: Lastly, you will need to discuss how two of the ten concepts could be important to your future career aspirations. Here you will need to identify where you wish to be in 5 years’ time, and then discuss how you think these concepts/skills will help you meet your career goal. It is important that you are specific as possible.


1) Introduction 

a) Opening Statement

The topic is about developing personal communication skills in the business sector. The essay will discuss about different communication skills recognized as effective business communication skills.   

b) Background Information

The essay will evaluate the significance of personal communication skills in the business context. These skills are the key to become successful in business as they help to build a strong relationship on the basis of effective exchange of information among the parties. 

The purpose of the essay is to improve the personal business communication skills so that it can be helpful to achieve the career goals in future.

c) Preview of the Structure of the Essay

The essay will have be divided into five parts. It will have an introduction which will reflect about topic of the essay. The second part will be Section One which will identify one concept for weeks one to ten and discuss its importance in business. The third part will be a literature review which will analyze one of the communication concepts from ten weeks. The fourth part will be Section Three which will evaluate the application of any two communication concepts from the ten weeks and its significance in achieving career goals in the future. The last part will a conclusion which will summarize all the concepts of ten weeks. 

d) Thesis

Effective communication is a vital tool in business as it allows to share each other’s concerns, interests, support and decisions and helps to work together in the global organizations. This essay will analyze the importance of effective communication in the workplace.

e) Transition to Section One

Section One will recognize one weekly concept from each week and explain the significance of that concepts in the workplace activities.

2) Section One

a) Week One

I have gained knowledge about communication this week. The definition of communication is not clearly stated as there are lots of small definitions in the lecture of this week. Thus, communication is defined as a process of communicating with others or transferring information from one people to the other ((Anderson et al., 2015). It is a very significant concept that I have learned this week. It is a link that helps persons or organizations to join together. If I will be doing business, then communication helps me to control my relationships with customers and partners.

b) Week Two

I have learned about the concept of listening as it is beneficial for us. Listening can be defined as a process of receiving information, remembering the given information as well as to pay proper attention to the information. It will help me a lot in future work as each and every work is listening oriented. Listening will enable me to think about the information I require to receive. Listening helps in evaluating or understanding the information and it will also entertain others by providing a piece of interesting information (Barnes, Leonidou, Siu & Leonidou, 2015). I can listen to what others will say and focus on the information about the business.

c) Week Three

I have acknowledged the concept of written and verbal business communication. These concepts are totally opposite of each other because verbal communication could not be recorded every time while written communication can be kept recorded. Written business communication will help me a lot in my business because it is precise, clear and governed by rules (De Oca, Snoeck, Reijers & Rodríguez-Morffi, 2015). Whereas verbal communication cannot be changed or edited and also create difficulty in understanding the complex verbal arguments. So, I will prefer written communication for my business because I can review the complex arguments in written form.

d) Week Four

I have come to know about the concept of academic writing this week. If we choose academic writing, then it helps us to understand what we have learned. The primary purpose of academic writing is to evaluate as well as to recognize the knowledge on the topic that I have learned from the lecture (Hansen, 2017). I can demonstrate my knowledge of mastery with the use of academic writing. It is important because it will give a good impression on the person who will read or hear the writing. I will also use academic writing for my business as it helps me in conducting my business.

e) Week Five

The fifth-week lecture highlighted the concept of a literature review. Literature review refers to the process of justifying the existing knowledge of a certain topic or area. It also establishes the importance of a theoretical framework of the research and analyzes the existing information (Kindt, 2016). I can use a literature review in my business as it helps me to focus on the existing information regarding business. I can plan a better future for my business because the literature review will indicate how the previous research worked. Then, I will choose the new methodology for implementing a better future of the business.

f) Week Six

The concept of business proposal is being evaluated in the lecture of the sixth week. A business proposal is a type of document which is to persuade the company for buying products or services. A proposal describes the problem, its nature, consequences and provides a solution to the problem (Lear, Hodge & Schulz, 2015). An organization will design an RFP (Request for Proposal) to solve the problem of the business. I feel this is a very crucial concept for business. If I have a problem in my business, then I can invite people to submit a proposal in which they will explain the solution of the issue.             

g) Week Seven

The seventh-week lecture elaborates the concept of intercultural communication. Intercultural communication is defined as a process of communication issues which arise within the individuals of various cultural backgrounds. It can be used to remove barriers of communication in the business.  It can be achieved by learning about other cultures and communication strategies (Lloyd, Boer & Voelpel, 2017). I will apply intercultural communication to help the employees of diverse culture to work in a group. Intercultural communication proves to be more effective in terms of increasing international business. It is important for communicating with individuals of different culture.

h) Week Eight

I have gathered knowledge of the crucial concept of organizational communication in the eighth week of lecture. The process of forming communication between the members of a corporation or non-profit firm referred to as organizational communication. It flows from various directions like from manager to executives. The activities of the business can be controlled, maintained or coordinated with the help of organizational communication (López-Duarte, Vidal-Suárez & González-Díaz, 2016). It will help me in maintaining the internal and external relationships of the business.

i) Week Nine

The lecture of the ninth week highlighted the concept of a meeting. A meeting is gathering of more than one people to discuss something about the specific issue or situation. The business can organize meetings in various categories like problem-solving meetings, sharing of information meetings as well as decision making meetings (Malyuga & Tomalin, 2017). I have learned that meetings are beneficial for the business to run. If we held 2 or 3 meeting in a week, then no problem will arise. It acts as a significant tool in the process of communication. The meeting is very advantageous in taking the decision as it takes place in the presence of all members.

j) Week Ten

The concept of interpersonal communication has been presented as important in the lecture of the tenth week. It has been derived from the Latin word ‘inter’ which means in the midst or between. When the individuals directly interact with the other in some situation, it is known to be as interpersonal communication (Martin & Nakayama, 2015). I have acknowledged that it will help to extend the ability to work with other co-workers. It is an adaptable and flexible communication for the business. I can manage the conflicts and identify the wants of the clients with the help of this interpersonal communication. 

3) Section Two — Literature Review

I have found that listening is a vital communication concept in business environment. According to Rousseau, (2017), this concept allows to gain information so that one could take decisions which can be profitable for the business. As for example, if the interviewer listens carefully to the job applicant then he or she may find the applicant’s approaches towards the job. A manager if listens to complaints of the staffs about any health risk, it may decrease injuries and improve their job performance. The reputation of any company relies on the listening skills. As for example, if one fails to listen to the client, the clients may not get the expected products and services. As a result it could tarnish the reputation of that company.   

It is necessary to build trust and to avoid conflict. It any one member of the group does not listen to the manager, then the whole project may lead to failure. As stated by Ruben & Gigliotti, (2017), to build trust, one has to listen to verbal instructions and deadlines. If the manager listens to the co-worker making statements regarding his strengths and weaknesses, the manager can incorporate that to increase each other’s strengths. As mentioned by Sentana, González, Gascó & LLopis, (2017), listening skills can also avoid conflicts. Conflict arises when a person is misinterpreted or mistreated. As for example, if one fails to listen to the instructions and his or her co-worker has to perform the task in place of the individual, the co-worker may be unhappy with the person.

The managers can also motivate each employee of the company by listening to their problems and suggestions. If they listen to their staffs, then they can find out the aspects of the job that can be most rewarding and motivating. In the words of Wang, Pauleen & Zhang, (2016), the managers have to understand that the needs of employees could not be managed in a single conversation. They have to an attentive listener so that the staff can realize that they are sincerely interested in them. 

4) Section Three —Application of Two of the Concepts

I have learned that the issues of intercultural communication mostly affect the business sector. With the emergence of multinational and global organizations, it has become almost impossible to do business with cross-cultural communication (Pourmirza, Peters, Dijkman & Grefen, 2017).  For cross-cultural communication, I have to acquire proper information and understanding of various cultural aspects like values, beliefs, attitudes, and behavior of the business sector.  Effective intercultural communication in the business sector can be a vital tool for me to define the strategies of communication, train the employees and carry out business meetings to achieve my targets and success in the future. 

Interpersonal communication can help me to simplify the steps that will be needed to turn my career targets in business into reality. It might help me make difficult decisions easier so that I can solve my issues and spark my target-oriented interactions.  Interpersonal communication is one of the vital skills of communication in business (Roeser & Kern, 2015). It may also involve to show my intentions verbally and visually and make me more motivated to achieve my targets. 

5) Conclusion

a) Synopsis of the Areas Discussed in the Essay

The communication was the topic of Week One. Week Two had discussed about the listening skills. The concept of written and verbal business communication had been analyzed in Week Three. The concept of Week Four was a literature review. Week Six had evaluated the concept of business proposal. Week Seven was about intercultural communication in business. The concepts chosen for Week Eight, Nine and Ten was organizational communication, meetings, and interpersonal communication respectively. Listening is a vital communication concept in the workplace. The intercultural communication and interpersonal communication can be beneficial for me for taking proper decisions and show my verbal and visual objectives which may make me more motivated to achieve my targets. 

b) Restatement of the Thesis Statement

The essay had evaluated the importance of effective communication in the workplace.

c) Capstone Statement

The essay had concluded on the note that the application of intercultural communication and interpersonal communication could be helpful for me for achieving my career goals in the future.


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