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What were the main points of the writing?

The present report is based on a famous English philosopher "Thomas Hobbes". In this section, one of his most famous book "Leviathan", which was published in the year 1651, has been discussed. The writings in the book defend the usage of a powerful, centralized government against the cruelty of nature and military conflict. According to horse the civil war and the brute situation could be avoided with the help of the strong and undivided government (Malcolm, 2016). In addition to this, he has also mentioned that equal justice comprises of the equal imposition of taxes, which is dependent on equality of debt towards the commonwealth. In Leviathan, he has mentioned that the sovereign who's the authority to exercise power over doctrine and faith, in order to avoid discord. These statements in the Leviathan by Hobbes reveal his empiricism view (Ewin, 2019). The empiricism theory states that a person gains knowledge and ideas on the basis of sensory experience and evidence. Hobbes has illustrated his personal viewpoints in the books, which he has acquired with past experience. His work in Leviathan is a perfect blend of political thought with empiricism. The book reflects his moral as well as the political philosophy of that era.

What was the differences and similarities between what you read and what was written about him in the textbook?

Hobbes being an empiricist believes which is the driving force behind his conception to link them with scientific explanations. He has been greatly influenced by Francis Bacon with an aim to make science serve the political requirement of an individual and has what as Bacon's secretary for some time (Ewin, 2019). Francis bacon is a philosopher, politician from scientist water and empiricist. Hobbes and Bacon hold a common belief that peace is necessary to establish religion, knowledge, and arts. Both of them perceive religion as the prevalent cause of conflict. However, there are certain differences between them, because Bacon was more optimistic towards the impact of science on human beings. It can be inferred that Thomas Hobbes followed the scientific tradition of Francis Bacon in order to fulfil his political philosophy. However, the information presented in the textbook about Hobbes being the founder of British empiricism is completely wrong (Spragens, 2015). Francis Bacon is considered as the early British empiricist who uses the scientific method to prove his view. While the British philosopher, John Locke, was the first explicit formulator of empiricism. The textbook mentions that Hobbes is friends with Galileo Galilei and Descartes. Overall, it can be concluded that Hobbes is my only friend with Galileo, while has shared a series of interaction with Descartes.

Based on your own views of psychology, how does the author's viewpoint fit into your current understanding of psychology?
Hobbes's writing, were primarily based on social and political order. According to him, human beings can achieve peace under the sovereign power Michigan father avoid conflict. He believes that a true and correct form of government is defined as an absolute monarchy, which has been emphasized in his book Leviathan. This belief of horse has stemmed out from his basic philosophy (Spragens, 2015). According to his opinion, human beings without the control of the government will be in a state of warfare with each other. Thus, he believes the life of a man was poor, isolated, sarcastic, brutish and precise (Malcolm, 2016). His view on human nature is based mostly on the English Civil War which took place from 1642 to 1649. Based on his pessimistic view on human nature, he has formed an opinion that absolute monarchy is the only form of government which can control the cruelty of human beings. He believes that the monarch should be given the total power, and people should not have any right to rebelled against it. However, I am not in favor of total power to the monarchy, as it hampers the basic rights and democracy of the public.

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