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REL-210RS Salvation: Christian Tradition

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Where do people go after death? Where is who going? Should Christians believe in hell? Reading will focus on the scriptures and selected Christian theologians. This REL-210RS Salvation: Christian Tradition course meets general education requirements as an OER course for reflection and spiritual life. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course objectives, learning outcomes:

Soteriology (theology of redemption) and eschatology (the final state/theory of human existence) are the basic questions of Christian theologians and this course. As part of the general education program, this course has several goals.

(1) Can describe passages of Christian scriptures related to the debate on salvation and eschatology. This will be taught mainly through Monday reading assignments, class discussions and summaries. It will be evaluated in the final report on Monday.

(2) Summarize the main theories of salvation put forward by Christian theologians. This will be taught in the course. It will be evaluated mainly through Monday's summary documents and class discussions.

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