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BI 221 Principles Of Biology: Cells

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This BI 221 Principles Of Biology: Cells course basically introduce students regarding the fundamental biological concepts and theories regarding the chemical and molecular basis of life, structure and function, transformation of energy and matter and information flow at a cellular and molecular level.

The above-stated course is the introduction to the principles of biology for science majors, with the main focus on the cellular nature of life. The concepts covered comprise the origin and early evolution of the cellular life; cell structure, function, metabolism, and reproduction; cell signaling; and gene regulation in bacteria and eukaryotes.

Learning outcomes:

1. Forecast how a molecule's movement is influenced by the thermal energy, size, electrochemical gradient, along with the biochemical properties.

2. Illustrate and relate anabolic (photosynthesis) and catabolic (respiration and fermentation) pathways focusing the transformation of energy and matter.

3. Explain the building blocks and synthesis of the main classes of biomolecules along with the contribution of their 3-D structure to their functions.

4. Explain how cells store, use and convey genomic information

5. Explain how genetic variability is generated and inherited in the organisms.

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