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PHYSICS 217 Mechanics of Materials

The PHYSICS 217 Mechanics of Materials course is basically the study of the elastic and inelastic relationship of external force acting on a deformable body. The course comprises topics, such as, stresses and strains due to tension and compression, torsion and bending, combined stress, buckling, repetitive loading, impact, and material properties.

Materials Mechanics is a course in the field of solid and material mechanics that aims to disseminate high-quality research work across a wide range of engineering and natural materials fields. It reports on initial research and provides a mechanically oriented description of substructures from nanometers to macro scale, including time-dependent and time-independent behaviour, material instability, damage and fracture mechanisms, as well as mechanics, electricity, and chemistry. Particular attention is paid to the study of the rate of deformation, the scale of time and space, the beginning and development of the characteristics of the microstructure, as well as the relationship between mechanics and transmission phenomena.

This course also focuses on the thermo-mechanical constitutive reaction of metals, polymers, soft materials, biological materials, natural materials, ceramics, metallic glasses, hard particles, composites, shape memory alloys, nano-structured materials, and more. Research based on mechanics is being promoted in new areas such as 3D printing, additive manufacturing, biomimetic materials, and two-dimensional materials such as graphene and thin films.

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