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Organizational Leadership and Informatics

The policy and informatics curriculum in the NUR 514 Organizational Leadership and Informatics course focuses on the investigation of high-quality, organizational science. In this course, students are taught how to explore organizational relationships in health care systems as well as how to make cost-effective and practice change proposals. Students will study about change management principles and learn how to evaluate political, social and economic impacts in health care informatics. Students will learn to examine the use of communication technologies and patient-care and study the implementation, electronic health record systems, and evaluation.

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List of relevant courses, which are covered by the professional tutors of ExpertsMinds:

  • NUR-513: Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing
  • NUR-621: Principles of Health Care Financial Management
  • NUR-514: Organizational Leadership and Informatics
  • NUR-630: Performance Improvement and Quality in Health Care
  • NUR-590: Evidence-Based Practice Project
  • NUR-674: Leadership in Health Care Systems Practicum
  • HIM-615: Health Care Information Systems and Technology
  • NUR-690: Nursing Informatics Practicum
  • NUR-550: Translational Research and Population Health Management
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