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Marketing: Social, Mobile, and Analytics

MKT 574 Marketing: Social, Mobile, and Analytics curriculum will focus on digital aspects and analytical aspects of specially marketing management in the curriculum. In this course, students will learn to check the product development innovation, marketing process, strategic marketing issues, marketing research, distribution, and promotion and determination strategy. Students will study about evaluating effects and navigating digital marketing subjects.

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Lack of time -

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Subject Complexity is a very big problem, especially for those students who do not have any knowledge of the subject at all. It is very difficult to write and do research on a complex subject because students do not understand the subject or topic.

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Some of the relevant courses are as shown below, in which professionals of ExpertsMinds precisely deal with:

  • MKT/353 Product and Brand Management
  • MKT/421 Marketing
  • MKT/431 Small Business Marketing
  • MKT/435 Consumer Behavior
  • MKT/438 Public Relations
  • MKT/440 Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing
  • MKT/443 Social Media Marketing
  • MKT/446 Search Engine Optimization
  • MKT/544 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MKT/578 Public Relations
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