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MIS 454 Issues in Information Systems

The MIS 454 Issues in Information Systems course mainly discuss about the main current topics of information systems. Businesses today rely on technology to work. Every customer interaction and internal process is highly dependent on the computer system that drives everything. Management Information System (MIS) is a generic term that encompasses the various technologies that exist in organizations today, as well as the people required to manage all of them. Common problems include not being able to strategize, not being able to meet the needs of the organization, hiring and retaining good people, staying up-to-date, and integrating all technologies.

Many of the most common MIS problems can be attributed to the lack of a robust strategy. CIOs are knowledgeable about the many tools that can be used to collect data across their networks. But using this information is often tricky.

Once the technical department, as an independent department, provided technical support and kept the server equipment of the organization working. Today, CIOs often work side-by-side with other business leaders to ensure that the technologies they use to support the overall mission of the company.

MIS plays an increasingly important role in organizations and professionals rely on technology in all aspects of their work. For example, sales and marketing rely heavily on customer interaction software to track customer interactions, while accountants need their billing, invoicing and financial tracking software.

With more than half of companies now relying on big data analytics, MIS plays a more important role. Before making a decision, today's management team can retrieve reports of existing activities to ensure they are using facts rather than making educated guesses.

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