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MAPS 0941 Language Proficiency

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The MAPS 0941 Language Proficiency course module will give students practice in utilizing language in a broad variety of contexts pertinent to work, study and social activities. It will particularly help students to:

  • Comprehend and respond to spoken language.
  • Learn how to speak smoothly and use suitable expressions
  • Read and comprehend diverse kinds of texts for various purposes.
  • Write coherently and efficiently in formal and informal contexts.

The MAPS 0941 Language Proficiency course mainly emphasize on language proficiency, however, beneath this course, students are trained in academic language skills. This comprises not only elements like academic writing, structuring and arguing, the processing of sources, or the presentation of academic work however as well cultural or subject-specific elements. Courses are rather incorporated into content courses, so that, students practice their language skills in the context of their respected field of study.

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