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EHGL 0203 Professional Responsibility

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Mixed professional responsibility explores the rules and laws that govern the conduct of lawyers, the role of lawyers in their work, and the role of lawyers in society. This course covers the core doctrinal topics that you will need to practice as an ethics lawyer, and you will come across this topic in the multistate professional responsibility exam. These topics include illegal legal practice, attorney-client relationships, sourcing and billing clients, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, obligations to the legal system, and prosecutorial and judicial ethics. This course also introduces professional knowledge, discussions about the appropriate role of lawyers, technical and global advances in legal services regulation, current ethical issues, and health as a moral responsibility.

In addition to having a synchronous meeting once a week, you will also receive asynchronous tasks equivalent to other classroom meetings. These online assignments include short video lectures and subject-matter questions, many of which are written in the MPRE style. Synchronous sessions will use hypothesis, role play, and simulations to explore issues more deeply and give you the opportunity to review difficult materials.

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