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ENVS 260 Environmental Science and Society

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The ENVS 260 Environmental Science and Society course is an interdisciplinary introduction to the disciplines that make up environmental science. The course mainly aims to understand the basic natural sciences, ecology and social sciences with an emphasis on the study of the environment and its interaction with human society.

Field experience is one of the best effective training tools caring for the environment. This is outside the scope of the tutorial model. Teaching is in a real learning area, and the teacher only acts as facilitating the interpretation of what students observe or discover in their environment. Fieldwork is just as important as classroom work and is an indispensable tool for collaboration.

Learning objectives:

  • From the very beginning of civilization, people were interested in ecology.
  • Even our ancient Bible emphasizes the practice and value of the environment.
  • Security is more important to all mankind now than ever have a clear understanding of environmental issues and follow sustainable development practice.

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