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ENVS 214 Climate Change

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Universal climate change is one of the most imperative issues that humanity will have to tackle within the 21st century. This ENVS 214 Climate Change course unit explores our climate system's complicated procedures altogether with the consequences that climate change will encompass, and what we must do to acclimatize to and alleviate those consequences. Natural climate variability, anthropogenic climate change and abrupt climate change are key fields of study, altogether with their consequences on past and modern civilization. The course module is structured about three themes:

  • Detection and ascription of climate change.
  • Biophysical and socio-economic consequences of climate change.
  • Adaptation, mitigation and decision making.

Learning goals: After completing the unit, students will be capable to:

  • Build up an informed holistic world outlook of the climate change concerns.
  • Build up and understating and appreciation of the scientific method.
  • Comprehend the means science is communicated throughout peer review science journal articles and their explanation through popular media.
  • Comprehend basic physical mechanisms driving climate variability and change.
  • Distinguish natural climate unpredictability from the global warming.
  • Acquaintance with the fundamental data and statistical methods employed to study climate change.
  • Discover global consequences of climate change on Earths physical and biological systems.
  • Analyze the socioeconomic and ecological consequences of current and projected climate change.

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