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EE 3050 Control Systems

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EE 3050 Control Systems:

It is a module covered in the Electronics and Communication Engineering stream and provides students with an understanding of controller design based on the frequency response of a dynamical system. The module aims for students to achieve real competence in fundamental control systems and to learn how to assess a physical process and recognize its significant features in terms of signals and blocks. Through the program, students can evaluate whether it is difficult or easy to control the process. Specification of good control performance is being taught. Designing a simple controller to attain that operation and design and use modest controllers for laboratory techniques is discovered by students throughout the program. 

The successful learning outcomes of the program include:

1. Students obtain open-loop frequency acknowledgement data from a linear system and, from the data procured and plotting of the Blood diagram of the system.

2. Determining the transfer purpose model of a linear system from the Bode diagram utilizing asymptotic approximation.

3. Determining the profit and grade margins of the linear system from its Bode diagram

4. Carrying out the layout of phase-lead compensator for a control system

5. Obtaining a state-space prototype of an open-loop system from its transfer task

6. Capable of doing a relative evaluation of phase-lead supervision with empirical state feedback control

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