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PRJM 6005 Program and Portfolio Management

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All projects, plans and project portfolios exist in a strategic environment. Consider the organization's strategic management process. Research, evaluate and apply the tools, methods and techniques of planning and portfolio management processes in benefits management, stakeholder management and governance.

What will you learn in this PRJM 6005 Program and Portfolio Management course?

  • Use the strategic management model to develop a strategic plan for the organization
  • Use revenue management theory to create revenue management plans for real projects or plans
  • Assess the management process in existing modern projects

Due to the following reasons, students are not able to get descent grades in their PRJM 6005 Program and Portfolio Management assignments and homework:

1. They don't have enough time to compose their work. Students usually do many other activities outside of class, which take up a lot of time. Some of them are engaged in part-time jobs, while others are involved in other housework.

2. Failures and interruptions continue to occur during the execution of the task. Certain unforeseen circumstances, such as illness and other emergencies, can prevent students from completing assignments on time.

3. Although this course seems straightforward, many concepts will cause problems for students. To understand them correctly, they need to hire private tutors, but not everyone can afford or can find tutors.

4. For research purposes, students must also obtain other materials independently. If they cannot access it, then it will be difficult for them to write high-quality paper.

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