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ECE 485 Digital Control and Robotics

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Automation is the new trend in technology especially in the 21st century where everything is moving to the use of robots which make work easier. Robots are very useful especially in types of work that have extreme and harsh conditions an example is working under very high temperatures like melting of metals. Digital control and Robotics come very handy in reducing and getting rid of errors that are caused by humans and where there is a need for maximum production of items at a very short time frame. The ECE 485 Digital Control and Robotics course module cover various topics including; kinematics, digital controller design, trajectory planning, kinematics, and robot classification.

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Difficulties faced by students while solving Digital control and robotics related academic problems:

Students face very many problems while handling assignments and homework related to this topic. They may lack enough exposure to the topic since robotics is a new technology-related topic that is starting to take over after its introduction. They lack enough and proper guidance in handling the topic as some lecturers may be so much tied in completing the syllabus forgetting to give deep details on this topic as it is very broad. Some of the students are busy with other works apart from academic tasks and may not have time to tackle their assignment and homework. The rest may be having many assignments colliding with very strict deadlines stressing the student with a lot of work that they cannot complete before the deadline.

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