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CIS 105 Computational Data Exploration

The main goal of this CIS 105 Computational Data Exploration course is to introduce students with the computational methods of interacting with the data. Beneath this course, students will be introduced to the IPython programming environment. They will learn how to collect data, store it in proper data structures and then either write their own functions or employ libraries to examine and then exhibit the salient information in that data. Data will be drawn from a diversity of domains, comprising however not limited to entertainment, travel, politics, economics, biology and so on.

This CIS 105 Computational Data Exploration course unit is an introduction to programming by means of data science. Big Data, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Data Scientist - these terms have become big buzzwords. Assessment of any modern day requires thoughtful programming. It is the goal of this course to teach students some of the fundamental ideas in the data science.

In this course, students will use real-world data set programming techniques to answer questions such as:

  • What month has the most rain in the specified city?
  • How many puppies are there for adoption? How many are golden retrievers?
  • How do you compute the probability without taking the formal probability course?
  • Will class participation enhance your GPA? How many?
  • Who will win the presidential election?

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