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BFC 3170 Management of Financial Intermediaries

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What the course is all about?

The BFC 3170 Management of Financial Intermediaries course module mainly discuss about the key issues related to the financial management of depository financial institutions such as banks. Topics include performance assessment; asset/liability management of liquidity risk, credit risk and interest rate risk; and supervision of depository institutions.

Course outcomes: Learning objectives related to this section:

  • Summarize the main risks faced by banks and the associated prudential requirements, and assess the factors to consider when managing these risks.
  • Evaluate the various mathematical methods that can be used to manage interest rate risk, including time patterns, duration patterns, and revaluation patterns.
  • Evaluation of mathematical models related to credit risk management for personal loans and loan portfolios.
  • Determine the relevant qualitative and quantitative indicators of the activities of financial institutions
  • Identification of various sources of commercial and retail debt financing, including debt management, and analysis of how the current Australian banking system provides such funds.

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