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BUSN624 Principles of E-Commerce

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Here, in this course, students are introduced to concepts and terminologies of BUSN624 Principles of E-Commerce approaches. Among the concepts that a student will come across include those related to marketing, security, and logistics, technological aspects of business, and imaging-based on internet research. Underlying principles of e-commerce will be emphasized to familiarize students with the aspects of understanding and developing commerce ideas. By the time the student is through with this course, they should be able to analyze the role and functions of commerce within and outside a country's borders.

Students pursuing this course are often allocated loads of academic tasks by their university professors. These assignments will test these and many more aspects in depth.

The course might sound technical, but it is one of the easiest commerce courses you'll come across. Then there is a question, why students do not perform well despite it being quite simple. Our findings indicate that the course is easy; however, the student still needs to do thorough research to be able to tackle complex and monotonous assignments and homework. Unfortunately, many students do not find the time to research on the assignment and consequently end up performing poorly. Students have many activities that beg their attention; thus, they are unable to complete assignments on time. There is also evidence that there are certain concepts that trouble students a lot. It is sad to note that despite going through these challenges, some students still shy away from seeking help with the assignment.

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