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BSBPMG 518 Manage Project Procurement

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This BSBPMG 518 Manage Project Procurement course module describes the performance results, skills, and knowledge required to make purchases in the project. This includes defining procurement requirements, establishing an agreed procurement process, signing contracts and procurement, and managing completion processes.

This course unit is suitable for people responsible for managing and leading projects in organizations, companies, or as consultants. This module can be widely used in various departments, organizations, and environments. In the context of this module, projects are defined to include:

  • Complete, detailed, and comprehensive project management plan
  • Official communication plan
  • According to the dedicated budget of the project
  • Formal and planned interaction with a wide range of stakeholders
  • Documented methods for managing risks, issues, and changes
  • Quality plan with assurance and control process
  • Project team environment.

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