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BIOL 25 Biological Evolution

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The BIOL 25 Biological Evolution course is basically an evidence-based research on biological evolution, including origins and the history of life, the forces that drive change, and the evolution of humanity in the past, present and future.

Biological evolution is the change of successive generations of genetic characteristics in a biological population. Species are adjusted through natural selection to better adapt to the survival of specific ecological habitats. The environment promotes evolution through developmental changes. Hence, determining how to regulate developmental change is critical to understanding the mechanisms of evolution.

Biological processes are usually studied using model organisms. Model organisms are species widely studied in laboratories and the results are expected to be applied to general biological phenomena. Troglomorphic (cave-related) characteristics, including elongated appendages, decreased metabolism, specialized sensory systems, and loss of eyes and pigmentation, have evolved to respond to the effects of constant darkness. In this article, we describe the characteristic fish Astyanax mexicanus as a vertebrate model system for studying evolution and the evolutionary basis of adaptation to the cave environment.

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