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FIN 2020 Consumer Finance

This FIN 2020 Consumer Finance course provides students with a set of financial tools that can be used to manage funds. It focuses on how to make important financial decisions such as buying insurance, paying taxes, using credit, and investing as part of the personal financial planning process. Each student draws up his financial plan and invests in a simulated investment portfolio.

The term "consumer finance" refers to companies or retailers that use their funds or funds from credit companies or banks to provide customers with financing options for their customers. This allows consumers to purchase goods for which they cannot or do not want to pay instantly. This term is often used to describe debt for everyday goods and services.

Additional points:

  • Consumer Finance covers all types of POS finance, including credit cards and installment loans.
  • Business of all sizes has benefited greatly from providing consumer finance.
  • Also known as "client financing".

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