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ELEC 3114 Control Systems

The ELEC 3114 Control Systems course mainly help students in learning what a control system is and the difference between simple and complex control systems. Analysis and design tools for working with simple control systems up to the second-order: differential equations, Laplace transforms, transfer functions, poles and zeros, state-space models, modelling, first and second-order systems, stability, stability State error, root locus, Bode and Nyquist diagram, transient response analysis and design, PID control, lead and lag compensation, simple frequency response technology. Stable transfer function and feedback control of the state space model.

A control system is defined as a system of equipment that controls, commands, directs, or regulates the behaviour of other equipment or systems to achieve expected results. The control system accomplishes this by using a control loop, which is a process designed to maintain a process variable at the desired set point.

In other words, the definition of a control system can be simplified to a system that controls other systems. With the increasing modernization of human civilization, the demand for automation has also increased. Automation requires systems that control interactive devices.

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