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BIO 2215 Clinical Biochemistry

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This BIO 2215 Clinical Biochemistry course unit develops the introductory knowledge gained in the clinical biochemistry module of Pathology Studies with a thorough study of the human biochemistry in health and disease. The above-stated course mainly finds out the physiology and pathophysiology of main human organ systems along with the metabolism of significant macro and micronutrients.

This BIO 2215 Clinical Biochemistry course as well offers an outline of the main homeostatic mechanisms in the human body and discovers the pathophysiology and related laboratory investigation of the homeostatic disturbances. The consequence of pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical aspects on biochemical data, the establishment and utilization of reference assortments along with the nature and significance of quality control and quality assurance methods are also studied in this course. The summary of the analytical instrumentation along with the analytical methods employed in clinical biochemistry laboratories and examination of the work health and safety issues related with working in a clinical biochemistry laboratory are also covered beneath this course.

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