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ASTR 1102-002 Stellar Astronomy

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The ASTR 1102-002 Stellar Astronomy course is basically the introductory astronomy for students with the prime focus on astronomical bodies exterior of the solar system. The above-stated course embrace topics, such as: light and spectra, galaxies, the sun, stars, black holes, supernovae, and the Big Bang.

Course learning outcomes:

  • Explain the structure of the Sun, its compositions, energy source along with mechanism, surface phenomena, furthermore connection to Earth.
  • Explain the properties of stars and star clusters, pattern in the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, the life cycle of a star regarding star birth, progression and death, and how mass of star find out its fate.
  • Explain the effects of stellar life, the star's fundamental properties and structure, along with the evolution of galaxies.
  • Explain the structure and motion and history of our galaxy, Milky Way galaxy, along with the different methods utilized by the astronomers to find out the distance.
  • Explain the dark matter and dark energy, structure arrangement and fortune of the universe, along with the large cosmological model.
  • Go back over the origin of life on earth, and depict efforts in the search for life somewhere else in the universe.

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