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Javascript Programming

Javascript is a run-time, high-level computer programming language. Lightweight nature of JS allows it to be used as a part of dynamic websites. These web pages allow the user and client-script interaction. Javascript has object-oriented capabilities and is an interpreted programming language.

Earlier JS was known as LiveScript, but later its name was changed to JavaScript by Netscape, very likely due to the excitement generated by Java. The first appearance of JavaScript was made by Netscape 2.0 in 1995. Internet Explorer, Netscape, and all other web browser have been embedded with the general-purpose core of JS.

Importance of Javascript Programming

The major important merits of JavaScript Programming are -

Richer interfaces - JavaScript can be used to include items like sliders and drag-and-drop components to provide a Rich Interface to site visitors.

Less server interaction - Load on the server can be reduced by less server traffic. Forms validation can be done real time using Javascript.

Increased interactivity - Beautiful interfaces can be created using JS that responds when they are activated. It can be done using Keyboard or when the cursor has hovered over them.

Real time feedback to the visitors - Page visitors waiting time is reduced as pages do not need to reload in many operations.

Why should students prefer to join Javascript programming course?

Easy nature of Javascript language, Career Opportunities, and Language future are three main reasons why students should join Javascript course. All three reasons are elaborated below.

  • Easy to Pick Up - Since JS is higher level language so it is easy to get started. Most of the complex details of the machine are abstracted away so that developer can focus on his/her program. Also, another major advantage of JS is that no development environment setup is required and one can start coding Javascript straight from his/her browser.
  • Career Opportunities - More and more businesses are becoming digital every day. This process has led to an increased demand for JavaScript programmers.
  • Future of Javascript as a language - Since the web browser is arguably the most used application on both smartphones and desktop. JS will likely to increase in popularity as more and more services are moving to the web. Technical innovation is also at a boom in Javascript.

Skills required for completing JavaScript programming course assignment?

  • There are certain basic skills that are required to complete a Javascript course assignment. Few examples of major concepts are:
  • Use of JS to create forms: How HTTP request like GET, POST are sent to server through Javascript. Forms are very often used in web pages and they are main source of data retrieval. Ajax requests are used for this purpose.
  • Knowledge of basic syntax and usage of JavaScript functions, Conditions, operations and variables.
  • Exception Handling: Error and Exception handling should be known to complete an assignment.
  • JS HTML DOM: Knowledge of Javascript can be used to make changes to DOM navigation, DOM CSS.

Difficulties encountered while writing JavaScript programming assignment?

  • Due to dynamic and runtime nature of Javascript, there are plenty of problems that a student encounter while writing Javascript Programming assignment.
  • Widespread copying of wrong codes from the web and poor implementation results in poor optimization of resources.
  • Most of the students aren't experienced enough to use the scalable JS code. It leads to undesirable AJAX interface.
  • In majority of cases, students face difficulty in simple task of form validation due to various data fields.
  • Students often become frustrated due to runtime errors which are caused due to wrong incorporation of code.
  • Sometimes students find it hard to differentiate between HTML and JS.

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