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COBOL Programming

Developed in 1958 by Conference on Data Systems Language (CODASYL) Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL) is a high-level language. One must comprehend the way COBOL works. Only binary code (0s and 1s) can be comprehended by computers. COBOL code must be changed over into machine code utilizing a compiler. Run the program source through a compiler. The compiler initially checks for any punctuation blunders and afterward changes over it into machine dialect. An output file is thus created by the compiler, also called load module. Load modules carry the main executable code in binary form.

The need to incorporate automation in business process in 1950s gave birth to COBOL, high-level language meant to process business data. COBOL was revised regularly and evolved from a basic version released in 1959 to COBOL-85 version in 1985. Object Oriented Programming concepts were incorporated into COBOL in 2002. It allowed use of encapsulated objects as a usual part of COBOL programming.

Importance of COBOL

  • COBOL was the first popular high-level language as it intended to make programming simpler. It's similarity with natural English language makes code lengthy but very easy to understand. 
  • COBOL can be additionally utilized as a self-recording language.
  • COBOL can deal with gigantic information handling. 
  • Compatibility with previous versions is maintained in COBOL.
  • Effective error log makes solving bugs much easier in COBOL.

Why students should take COBOL Programming course?

COBOL has its main applications in institutions like banks, insurance companies, and federal governments. Good knowledge of COBOL can students gets a high paying job in any of these sectors. Apart from this there are certain technical benefits of COBOL

1. COBOL is a standard dialect that can be arranged and executed on machines, for example, IBM AS/400, PCs, and so forth.

2. COBOL was intended mainly for business applications identified with domains like defense, finance, and so on. Dealing with extremely large volumes of information was easier in COBOL due to its superior file handling capabilities.

3. COBOL is considered as a robust programming language because of the fact that its various troubleshooting and testing apparatuses are accessible for all PC platforms.

4. Intelligent control structures are accessible in COBOL which makes it less demanding to read and change. COBOL has diverse divisions, so it is anything but difficult to investigate.

Skills needed to write COBOL Programming Assignments

Basic logical reasoning and patience is needed to learn COBOL. Full screen editors like Text editor Notepad++ can be used to compose a COBOL program. Once completed program needs to be inspected for mistakes and transformed into machine code so that computer can check it. Basic Environment setup needs to be done before using COBOL. For example, Hercules is one of the many Free Mainframe Emulator used to write and code COBOL Programs. Hercules is available for all Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, and all major platforms. Students also need to study COBOL programming resources, have practical experience of completing COBOL jobs, using compilers.

Difficulties encountered while writing COBOL Programming Assignments

COBOL can only be found in application that is few decades old by now. This fact makes it very challenging for current students to understand it. It leads them into despair and chaos. The challenge will not understand the COBOL itself, but the strangeness related with the hacks utilized by programmers from long back who were attempting to optimize the code on relatively very basic hardware. Unlike any modern language, COBOL is obscure considering the fact that it makes you define widths of all the outputs. COBOL code is very lengthy because of the English-like nature of the language. For example unlike other languages COBOL uses words in place of punctuations. These problems make it hard for students to fully understand COBOL.

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