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JAVA Programming

Java is popularly known to be a computer programming language which is general purpose in nature and is based on the concept of classes and object-oriented programming concepts. It uses the concept of 'write once, run anywhere' which basically means that once the code of Java is compiled, it can run on all the platforms that support Java without even recompiling the code. The feature of bytecode actually helps the code to run on any of the Java Virtual Machines (JVM).It is one of the most commonly used languages for the applications involving the client server architecture.

Importance of Java Programming Course

There are many advantages of this course. As per the latest industry trends , we see the demand for Java is growing day by day due to which the demand for Java programmers is also increasing. Students are getting encouraged to take this course so that they are also a good Java Programmer and get some good career opportunity to work into. Salary packages are also very high in this domain. JAVA is being used to develop desktop GUI applications, embedded systems, web servers, web applications, mobile applications, enterprise applications, scientific applications etc. So, all the firms who are working to develop these applications are hiring students who are well versed in JAVA.

Why students should prefer to join Java Programming course?

Students should be encouraged to join the programming course in JAVA as industries are calling out for people who are well versed in this domain. The companies are getting motivated to use JAVA for developing their applications because of the multiple advantages that it offers. It provides us with a feature of cross-functionality along with the portability so that the programs that we write as per one platform should be able to run on multiple platforms. It's a programming language that supports multi-threading and even network support. The class library of Java also offers us the cross-platform development. Java these days has got a very large number of users due to which we say that it has got huge active user support community. The powerful tools that it supports are Eclipse SDK and NetBeans which have got an appreciable debugging capability and offer integrated development environment. Its robustness is also one of the features that make it popular for the industries.

Skills required for completing Java Programming course assignment?

In the world of computer science we usually call C language as the mother of all the languages. So it would be great if a student who is willing to learn JAVA has some knowledge about C and has some skills to code in C. Secondly it would be even easier for the student to work in JAVA if he is well versed in all the concepts of OOPs. JAVA uses many a lot OOPs concepts hence they should already be covered under the language of C++. Basic knowledge of computers and programming is definitely required to learn JAVA and execute the programs successfully in the language.

Difficulties encountered while writing Java Programming assignments?

There are few topics in this course which are posing problems for students these days when it comes to actual implementation of the concepts. For example: The Java Virtual Machine, Overloading Methods, Garbage Collection, Overriding methods, Polymorphism, The Exception Class, Cloning Objects, The JDK Linked List, String Conversions, Enumeration interface, Package access, configuring applets, Layout managers, Action listener interface, Adapter Classes, Threads and Database connectivity with JDBC. These are the topics that involve many basic concepts to be understood and when assignments need to be solved based in these topics the students get stuck up big time and tend to score bad. These above mentioned topics have lot of practical implications in industries these days.

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