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Production Engineering

Production engineering is the specialization of mechanical engineering. It has a major focus on production of various mechanical components and process through which the construction of any product is done. It is many times also related to manufacturing engineering which is another specialization of mechanical engineering. It involves the concepts like designing, development, implementation, testing, operations, and maintenance of various components. Production engineering holds a key position in any manufacturing company because all the processes and technologies are executed based on the concepts of production engineering. It not only has its relevance with the mechanical engineering but also with other core branches like electrical, electronics, civil etc. It also has its applications in the robotics where different components of a robot are manufactured and assembled into a single unit. One very important part of this course is to maintain the quality of the product that is developed. The process specified in production engineering should be strictly followed in order to maintain the quality of produced product. This course is a multidisciplinary course which includes knowledge of Mathematics, Mechanics, Computer Graphics, System modeling, electrical machines, instrumentation, material science, fluid mechanics and heat concepts.

Importance of Production Engineering Course

World today is full of automation and for this every day some technological changes are done in the existing system to improve the process. With this lot of new automated systems are produced very frequently. A production engineer has this responsibility of selecting the machinery and required equipment's that are required in any production process. The complete manufacturing of any product is the sole responsibility of production engineer. In addition to this, a production engineer has to look after the planning, scheduling, and monitoring the process in any production phase for any product. With the increase in technology, automation has an impact in this field and with this use of CNC machines to produce engineering components have taken over the good position in the market. Looking at the way the whole world is growing huge number of products are going to get developed and requirements of production engineering are definitely going raise.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving production engineering problems

Production engineering includes mathematics as its pre-requisite course. Students find difficulty in solving the mathematical problems on differential equations, Differential Calculus, Complex Variables, Partial differential equation, and linear programming concepts. This topic has huge application in production engineering and students must possess knowledge of these topics. Another complex problem that students face in solving production engineering problems is with the mechanics of structures. Solving numerical problems based on advanced mechanics require a huge skill set. Because of automation some computer graphics and solid modeling concepts are also very essential for students to learn. Problems and designing the computer graphics is difficult because of the programming language involved in computer based graphics. Solving the heat equation is also very complex topic to understand. Also, drawing various graphs based on the values given in steam table requires accuracy and hence students find it difficult to solve the problems based on it. 

Few important tips to solve these problems

To solve the production engineering problems one should have good and strong fundamental knowledge of basic science courses like mathematics, mechanics, physics, and chemistry. Students must have good knowledge of all these courses to learn the production engineering concepts. For solving the graphics problem learning is programming language id the must. Computer graphics can be solved or implemented using any programming language like JAVA, DOT NET, C++ Python and other. Also, for designing the product good amount of practice is essential which helps students to draw the designs accurately and precisely.

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