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Depreciation Calculation

An asset loses value with time as a result of use, damage, or expiry or its deterioration. Depreciation is the measurement for this decline. Depreciation is the technique of subtracting the entire cost of an expensive item you purchased for your company. However, you write the expenses to it over time dividing it in small sections rather than completing it altogether in one year. Depreciating assets gives you greater control on your budget because you may schedule how much amount of money you need to mention annually. The expected lifetime of an item   determines   that   for how much period you can depreciate that item. For example in case of a laptop which is useful mostly up to 5 years the depreciation can be done for that much time. Different items are grouped into various divisions for tax depreciation, and each division has a distinct useful life. The item's expected lifetime can be determined by the amount of time you estimate using it in your business, even if your company utilizes a separate depreciation method in your accounting records.

Types of depreciation: There are numerous methods for depreciating assets for your accounts or income statements, however the percentage of depreciation expense reported on your records or income statements could differ from the tax deduction you claim. Because of this, some small firms prefer to use one way for their records and a second for their taxation terms, while others opt to make things straightforward by using only one technique of depreciation for their records. It is of four types:

1. Straight line depreciation: The straight-line technique is the most typical (and easiest) method to depreciate a tangible asset. This distributes the value equally over the lifespan of the asset. Small companies with straightforward accounting systems may not employ an expert or tax counselor to take care of their taxes. In that case they use the straight line method for depreciating their assets. Over the course of a life of the item, you distribute the asset's cost, less its replacement cost. The amount of depreciation you can write off each year depends on that.

2. Double-declining balance depreciation: This approach depreciates an asset in a little bit more detail. It enables you to write a larger portion of an asset's value right away rather than later. Companies that wish to reclaim a larger portion of an items cost during initial years of it shelf life is because it depreciates rapidly during the initial years after it is owned. In this approach right in the first year of depreciation, you take twice as much as you would under the former approach of straight line of depreciating the assets. The remaining cost of the item will be depreciated at that rate in coming years instead of its initial cost. Book value is depicted as cost of asset subtracting the cost of that asset which has already been mentioned in the previous records as part of depreciation. Salvage value is not taken into account by the double-declining balance technique.

3. Sum of the year's digits depreciation: In this method one can depreciate the cost of an item more in its initial years and comparably less in the later years. The sum of whole is known as sum of the years depreciation. Those business units which want even more differential procedure to distribute their assets uses this approach. How actually it is calculated is: One employs the usable time period of the item and calculate the fraction of value to be divided as per this value. For example the life of item is 7 years: Now calculate it as: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 = 28. Now just divide this SYD value as denominator with remaining lifespan of the asset and multiply it with the cost of item. You will get the depreciation value for the year you want it.

4. Units of production depreciation: A straightforward method for depreciating an asset based on its ability to work terms for unit production method. "Unit of production" might refer to either the product that the machinery products or the number of hours it is in operation. This method is employed when the businesses want to customize the depreciation plan as per their usage of asset, that is, if they use the asset for long they will use the depreciation value for more years and if it is intended to be used for few years then the value must be divided in accordance to that. This strategy is typically only utilized for expensive machinery or equipment because it necessitates monitoring the usage of the equipment. Its formula to calculate the lay offs is asset value minus salvage value which is further divided by units produced during the assets useful life. This helps us calculate the value for each year. Add up the value for all the units produced in a year, and then write it off.

Benefits of using the methods of depreciation 

  • The procedure aids businesses in precisely stating the costs associated with using an asset and comparing those costs to the profit that asset generates. Lack of using this approach can result in overstating or understating overall asset costs, which can produce false financial data.
  • Additionally, it aids in firms accurately reporting an asset's gross value to be mentioned in records. The majority of corporations disclose the asset's initial acquisition price. However, as a result of continuous use etc., assets lose value with passing time. By deducting the total asset depreciation costs from the asset's acquisition price, businesses can determine an asset's cumulative value.
  • Depreciation enables businesses to regain the price of a product at the time of acquisition. Instead than collecting the full cost of an asset right away, the technique enables businesses to do so during the asset's lifecycle. This enables businesses to replace current assets with the necessary quantity of earnings in the future.
  • Depreciation is taxable income due to certain tax regulations. Depreciation expenses that are higher reduce net income and boost tax savings.

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