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Importance of mechanical engineering

For years Mechanical Engineering has remained the core subject of all engineering disciplines. For mechanical products, their simplicity in implementing in everyday life, their accuracy and the fact that they are compatible with users having zero technical knowledge, they have been the most popular of all. Theoretically or practically, mechanical engineering has proven its unanimous existence over the years. From the very early curriculum in a student's life, mechanical stream has been introduced in various forms like mathematics, science (Physics and Chemistry), even broadened to include areas of economics.

Even kids toys today are mechanical based. Mechanical engineering is nothing but a derivative of mathematics, physics and chemistry. All the simplest o simple laws, be it Newton's three laws of action and reaction, to Einstein's laws of relativity, all are functional in solving some very complicated mechanical problems.

But, the key thing that keeps it going still is the fact that it is the basis of our day-to-day activities, be it intentionally or unintentionally. So, it is most rightfully referred to as the Royal Mechanical.

Difficulties in solving mechanical engineering problems

Firstly, the biggest difficulty arises because of the different unit system traditionally followed by mechanical engineers all over the world. Due to discrepancy in units system, the solutions do not match, even if they are duly converted.

Secondly, there is no accurate or unique solution to a mechanical engineering problem. This means, different approach towards a problem yields different solution. It becomes difficult to evaluate and decide on a single solution.  To minimize these kinds of conflicts, mechanical engineers all over the world have agreed on a standard range of solutions according to problems, in which range the solutions must fall. Any deviation otherwise is rejected. The best solution out of a range of solutions can be determined by the efficiency and performance of the products.

Thirdly, the sign conventions and symbols also cater to confusion among students. To avoid such misunderstanding and confusions, fundamental concepts underlying the relevant problem should be very clear. Because if a problem is approached with basic understanding and clarity, chances of errors are minimized.

Some tips in solving mechanical problems

As I have mentioned earlier, a problem may be approached by a number of ways. But, the trick lies in finding the most rational and time effective way.  Any mechanical problem is based on assumptions and approximations. Here the assumption has to be practical enough to provide solutions very close to accuracy and efficiency. For example, if someone is designing a machine part, the first part in doing so , is to practically visualize the component and of what material is it made up of. After that the various properties and other aspects are under consideration. If the material chosen is random, the design will definitely fail.

Be very clear about the units assumed and the relevant conversions. If there is any error in the same, the solution will be unacceptable. For that matter, a particular system of units has to be followed sincerely throughout a problem to ensure accuracy. I would even suggest personally to students to follow a single system of unit unless otherwise demanded, to ensure strong understanding.

It may sound orthodox, but my sincere request to students is to stay attentive and alert in the classroom so that they do not miss out on any tips shared by the professors. Mostly the tips are very original and helpful.

Make use of external mediums such as internet and social sites only when you are very clear about what you are looking for. The solutions from such sources may also be cross-checked with your concerned professors.

Rely less on local solution/guide books as they can be misleading due to either poor printing or misinterpreted information. Solution books are actually not meant for students. Students should strictly stick to their recommended syllabus books.

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