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PL-SQL Programming

PL/SQL is a blend of SQL alongside the procedural elements of programming. It was produced by Oracle Corporation in the mid 90's to improve the capacities of SQL. It is one of three main programming dialects inserted in the Oracle Database, alongside SQL and Java. This instructional exercise will give you incredible comprehension on PL/SQL to continue with Oracle database and other progressed RDBMS ideas.

Importance of PL-SQL Programming

Since PL/SQL allows users to mix procedural constructs and SQL statements, PL/SQL blocks and subprograms can be used to group SQL statements before delivering them to Oracle for execution. Oracle processes only one SQL statement at one instance which results traffic flow and response time in a network environment. This can be improved by use of PL-SQL. Response time can be made faster by using PL-SQL blocks. These blocks are stored in an executable form after compilation.
Stored procedure is the name given to the PL-SQL program (compiled from) stored in a database. Trigger is the term used for stored procedure that starts when an Insert, delete, update statement is issued against a table.

Why students should prefer to join PL-SQL programming course?

Students should prefer PL-SQL because of following reasons-

PL-SQL is emphatically integrated with SQL, which is the standard database dialect. PL/SQL bolsters both static and dynamic SQL. Static SQL bolsters DML operations and exchange control from PL/SQL square. In Dynamic SQL, SQL permits implanting DDL proclamations in PL/SQL pieces.

It reduces network traffic and enables high performance by permitting transfer of an entire block of statements to the database at one time. PL/SQL feature of transforming, querying, and updating information in a database leads to high efficiency.

PL/SQL spares time on plan and troubleshooting by solid components, for example, exception handling, data hiding, encapsulation and object oriented data types.

Compact Applications, High Security, help for OOP, Predefined SQL bundles and support for creating server pages and web applications are other major advantages

Skills required for completing PL-SQL programming course assignment

Before proceeding with PL-SQL programming course assignment, students should have a basic understanding of software basic concepts like what are source record, database, text editor and execution of programs, etc. Those who already have an understanding on SQL and other computer programming language, have an advantage over absolute beginners.  Oracle RDBMS Server should be installed in your machine to run PL-SQL programs. SQL command execution takes place through this server. Oracle RDBMS 11g is the most updated version available.

  • Common topics that are extremely important for successfully completing an assignment in PL-SQL are mentioned below:
  • Data Definition Language, Constraints, Procedures, Nested Blocks ad packages
  • Triggers, Views, Insert, Select Update, and Delete
  • Joins and Query, Anonymous Blocks, Exceptions and functions
  • Parameters, PL/SQL Data Types, Variables, Scopes and Types
  • Bulk Collect, Cursor declarations and Cursors, Information Modeling, Data Type Prefixes, Object Orientation, Prevention and Anchors
  • Preparation, Profiling, Debugging
  • Polymorphic Commands, SQL Test Patterns and PL/SQL Test Patterns

Difficulties encountered while writing PL-SQL programming assignment

Students often lack basic primary knowledge needed to write their PL-SQL programming assignment. Proficiency in writing basic database statements and writing queries is important.

Students often do not have good idea about how information is stored in a database. PL-SQL is tougher to code. It is procedural language over SQL which is tightly linked with SQL. This makes it important for students to have knowledge of at least one programming language like VB, Java or C++. Since PL/SQL is a language and has its own objects, semantics, and constructs. Two separate engines are used by Oracle to compile PL-SQL statements vs SQL statements. Students often have hard time understanding these two engines.

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