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Oracle or simply Oracle database is among most trusted and widely used relational database management system (RDBMS). Lawrence Ellison developed Oracle Corporation in 1977 with help of its partners.  Microsoft's SQL Server is the main rival of Oracle database in the enterprise database market. Apart from these two other database offering are also present but most of these command a relatively minuscule market share. SQL and Oracle Db have fairly similar structures.

Basic component where information is stored in Oracle database are tables (in the form of rows and columns). SQL data manipulation language (select, insert, update and delete) is used to access the data contained in these tables.

Oracle tables are the basic storage component in the Oracle database. Information is stored in tables in the form of columns and rows. The data which is represented in these tables can be accessed using SQL data manipulation language i.e. select, insert, update and delete. Tables are utilized as a part of Oracle for the applications and by the end clients to recover and oversee information which is in expansive sum

SQL or Structured Query Language is used to access objects in Relational Database structures. Oracle DB is compatible with major platforms like Mac OS, UNIX. LINUX, and Windows. Different versions of software can be used depending upon the usage and budget. Following are the different editions of the software:

Enterprise Edition: Most robust and superior edition of the software. It includes all features

Standard Edition: It is not as robust as Enterprise edition. It contains base functionality for users.

Express Edition (XE): Limited Windows and LINUX edition. It is lightweight and free.

Oracle Lite: a special edition for mobile devices.

Importance of Oracle Course

Oracle is among most used software by multinational enterprises to manage and process data across local and wide area networks. Oracle uses a completely scalable architecture. Oracle DB, also known as Oracle RDBMS contains its own component of the network for enabling communications all over the networks.

 Retrieving and storing information is one of the main utility of database. A database server is one of the main solutions for problems related to information management. It helps a large number of users access the same data concurrently in a multiuser environment. Security of database server prevents an unauthorized access. Efficient solutions are available for recovery in case of failure. Portability, Read consistency, locking mechanisms and real application clusters are some of the many features of Oracle database.

Why should students prefer to join Oracle Course?

All the major operations of government and private services offered to common people are being digitized or already have been digitized in countries like USA, Australia, UK, and China. Information System has become an integral part of this change. Banking service, Utility bill payments like electricity and telephone and almost all other industries are now using features of IT. This has also led to increasing in the popularity of courses in data management and application of IT.  Oracle knowledge can give students an opportunity to work as Oracle SQL experts, database administrators and Oracle PL\SQL experts in IT industry.

Skills required to write Oracle Assignments

Oracle requires high level of focus and involvement in classes, few general topics and concepts included in Oracle courses are as follows-

  • 'Relational Database Architecture' Knowledge.
  • Handling database access to certain objects.
  • Report creation process for sorted, restricted information.
  • Data manipulation statements process.
  • Using schema objects and data dictionary view to manage objects
  • Creation of indexes and constraints.
  • Installation process of grid infrastructure.
  • Configuration process of Oracle Database.
  • Learning of Oracle database architecture, interaction of different components
  • Backup and recovery process.
  • Working on loops and control structures.
  • Flashback technology and its usage for diagnosis, repair process for data failures.

Difficulties encountered while writing Oracle Assignments

Backup techniques, Managing RDBMS, Oracle Auditing, Database Recovering process are few examples of assignments given to students under the subject of Oracle course.

Strong analytical capacity and detailed knowledge of the subject is needed to complete Oracle assignments. Inadequate knowledge, which is often the case, results in poor quality and increased time in cracking the problems

Oracle assignments often need resources to research and find out about similar conditions in the past. Lack of information about authentic resources is another major difficulty faced by students.

Students often do not have enough information about assignment structure. Completing assignments with the help of assignment directives becomes hard.

Deep understanding of Oracle clusters, database links, and job queues is needed to complete general assignment problems.

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