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Assembly Language

Assembly language is a group of languages for microprocessors and other programming devices. It is a low-level programming language. Machine code, which is required to program a specific CPU design or architecture can be symbolically implemented by assembly language. 2GL is often used synonymously with Assembly code or Assembly language.

Assembly language is not as widely used in computer science now. But it is taught to students of computer science majors understand the practical concepts of registry and its uses. AT&T and Intel are two syntax available where assembly language is present in an X86 environment.

Importance of Assembly Language

Assembly language code and syntax is significantly nearer to the computer's I/O system, memory, and processor. Unlike a low level language a high level language is developed with libraries, keywords, and a syntax that presents a high level of abstraction between the hardware and the language.

  • Machine code is yet required for key assignments, e.g.
  • Code specific to Hardware, for example device drivers
  • Low level code where performance is critical.
  • Embedded devices, where size of the code is important
  • Frequently, assembly language can be blended with higher level languages, like C, where assembly is introduced inline to the C code.

Why students should prefer to join Assembly programming language course?

  • Good knowledge of assembly language enables one to understand -
  • How programs interface with processor, BIOS and OS;
  • How data is represented in external devices and memory;
  • How a program accesses external devices.
  • How instructions access and process data;
  • How the processor accesses and executes instruction;

Few more advantages of utilizing assembly language are -

  • It requires less execution time and memory;
  • Hardware-specific jobs that are complex can be done easily;
  • Apt for time-critical tasks;
  • Most preferred language for developing memory resident programs like writing interrupt service routines.
  • Skills required for completing Assembly programming language course assignment
  • Assembly language is dependent upon the instruction set and the architecture of the processor. There are many good assembler programs, such as -
  • Microsoft Assembler (MASM)
  • Borland Turbo Assembler (TASM)
  • The GNU assembler (GAS)

Students must have knowledge of following concepts for completing their Assembly language assignment:

  • Instructions and addressing methods
  • Operators, labels, segments
  • Instruction transfer to C /Pascal
  • Processor structure from the Intel family
  • Parameter transfers
  • multitasking, segmentation, paging, cache, interruptions, registry types
  • Arithmetical instruction tutoring
  • Instruction sets
  • Bit and array instructions
  • transfer instructions

Difficulties encountered while writing Assembly programming language assignment

Assembly language is difficult and overcritical. Students have to be mindful of the hardware running, especially the registers of CPU and CPU itself. Students are required to understand the instruction set, and its peculiarities - what operations set what flags? Does one have to do an operation on register first or does just loading a register set flags? Does INC change the Carry flag? All the variables in Assembly language are initialized by the user and awareness is needed about which ones to use and which don't.  Typecasting is not present in assembler - all variables are identical, labels associated with addresses in RAM. Since all the variables are global in assembler students are needed to be very disciplined with them. Even simple math functions, have to be written by the user itself as only add subtract multiply and divide come with the CPU. Additionally libraries are not present that can be included for these purposes.

Assembly language is also not portable, implying that an application written for an Apple Macintosh won't run on an IBM PC. Additionally, time required to code a program in assembly language is lot more than writing the same program in Pascal or C and it is harder to debug too.

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