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C# Programming

C # is primarily an object oriented programming (OOP) language which works on the .NET framework and created for the development of networking and web applications. It is developed on the basic of C++ with elements from Java and Visual Basic. A hybrid of C and C++, C Sharp, is one of the most modern Object Oriented programming languages. C# improves the productivity in the development of Web applications. C# boasts scalability support, simplified type declarations, garbage collection, versioning and type-safety, and numerous other features that make programming solutions faster and easier, especially for Web and COM+ services. C# produces many efficient programs when compiled with computer platforms because it is a part of .net Framework and a structured language.

Importance of C# Programming Course

C Sharp is used to utilize to compose applications for installed and hosted systems  and its usage offers uses to the uses of software development such as strong type checking, array bounds checking and many more. Different Applications regions that includes in the C Sharp are as per the following:

  • Windows Applications: it comes with the familiar Graphical User Interface of windows with controls like buttons for provide input, list boxes. In RAD Windows forms are used to create the GUI.
  • NET Web Applications: NET web applications run in a browser and for handling output and input operations, these applications use Web Classes, namespaces and system.
  • Console Applications: Standard command line is used for input and output. System.IO is used for handling output and input operations of console applications. 
  • NET Web Service Applications: HTTP, URLs and XML are used in a browser or smart device to access these web services. Web namespaces, System.Web.Services and System. We are used for handling output and input operations.

Why students should prefer to join C# programming course?

C# with English type syntax is fairly simple and easy to use. Compared to Python, C#t may take a bit more time to learn. At times it may also take more code to get a working prototype. C# handles for you large portions of complex details of the machine so you can concentrate on programming. Faster speed and Easy to maintain feature of C# makes it highly scalable.

Career Opportunities - Many of the top 16 million websites which are powered by the ASP.NET framework, might be using C#, so there are certain opportunities in enterprise-level backend development.

Future-  Microsoft is likely to keep C# updated and relevant as it was primarily designed for windows application development. Unity is major player in VR/game development and since Virtual Reality and independent game development is expected to rise sharply in future. C# has a pretty optimistic future.

Skills required for completing C# programming course assignment

String, lists, Collections, Console, arrays, generics, Attributes, Queues, and RegExp are few of the major concepts that involved in the C sharp. Also since C# is an Object oriented programming language students should have a good theoretical knowledge of major OOP concepts like inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes, and class relationships. A prior knowledge of ASP.NET, Java is also helpful. Since C# comes with large class libraries, their knowledge and implementation is an important skill required before writing assignments in C#. 

Difficulties Encountered while writing C# Assignment

Inadequate knowledge of C# and Object Oriented concepts are the major cause of problems arising while writing C# assignments. Students seem to find trouble while writing assignments on some advanced topics of C Sharp like:

  • GDI+ & Deploying Apps, 
  • Advanced C# Type Construction, 
  • Form Controls
  • Exceptions and Object Lifetime
  • .NET Assemblies
  • C# program and Variables
  • Flow Control
  • Functions and Debugging
  • Threading
  • Type Reflection
  • Windows Forms
  • Late Binding

In any case, we realize that writing a top notch quality task on C# can be cumbersome and hectic for students as it requires a considerable measure of concentration and research.  

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