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Cash Flow and Fund Flow Statements

Cash flow and funds flow statements signify particular transactions in a business concern which pertain to the involvement of the finances of the organization. 

Cash Flow Statement denotes the inflow of cash and the dealings done in a business involving cash transactions. On the contrary, Funds Flow Statement indicates the working capital which is invested based on which the business is organized and conducted. 

Cash Flow Statement designates the cash which comes into the business (inflow) and the cash which goes out of the business (outflow) for specific transactions like sales, income, profit, and purchases, sales returns, wages, dividends, and so on.  This is not a forecast or plan of the expenses and income of the business concern, but indicates the actual which have been spent and brought into the business considering a particular period of transaction, say, one year. 

Funds Flow Statement represents the manner in which the working capital of a business can change over a particular period of time due to various components which influence the working capital in the form of assets and liabilities. The assets are those which already exist in the business concern in the form of furniture, equipment, cash in bank, and so on. Liabilities include the payments which should be made based on the assets such as depreciation, payables, and so on. Thus the working capital of a concern is the difference between the current assets and liabilities, where assets should be greater than liabilities.  

Difficulties encountered in writing Cash flow and Fund flow statements assignment/assessments?

There are some basic concepts about Cash flow and Funds flow statements which should be clarified by students before initiating themselves in the task of writing assignments or assessments on Cash flow and Funds flow Statements. To make it simpler, they should first of all understand the differences between the two statements, which might seem to be tricky in the beginning due to the involvement of finance and fund transactions in both types of statements. However, with time the students tend to decipher the information through proper and meticulous guidance and help.

It is also important for them to know about the liabilities and assets involved in a business concern, in contrast to the cash involved in the business, both of which represent two different aspects of Fund and Can inflow and outflow. The students should concentrate on the intricacies of the cash spent and cash brought in into the business as opposed to the funds which are invested in the business which represent the capital of the organization. 

After the initial glitch in the form of understanding of the topic, it is vital that students groom their presentation skills such that the assignment is written in a good manner which has a fine flow and conveys the ideas and represents the concepts visualized by students.  If there is any difficulty encountered in the presentation, then the entire assignment writing task would seem to be a failure. 

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