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Artificial Intelligence

As the technology enhancing with interventions of machines in human life, innovation is carried out on large scale to develop machines that can behave, think and process similar to human brain. The field that came out and enabled this features in the machine is called as Artificial Neural Network. It is completely based on the neural sciences of human neurons in which neurons are responsible for transmitting information from one part of the body to the other. On the similar concepts, theneural network is analogous to human neurons and this neural network is responsible for information flow from one node to the other and enables the machine to perform any specific task. This phenomenon is called as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it is a branch of computer science which deals with writing computer programs that behave and functions in the similar way as the human brain does. It creates machines which are intelligent and possess some capability to take decisions based on the training given to it using some training data. The machines which are developed using AI techniques are used for decision making based on the training experience. 

Importance of Artificial Intelligence Course

Artificial Intelligence has emerged out to be the important research domain in which a lot of research has already been done and is still going on at a large scale. It is an important course for computer science graduates because it enables and involves them in implementing automated machines which are capable of taking decisions like human beings. AI is related to various branches of science and is based on core concepts from multiple core disciplines like computer science, philology, neural science, sociology, biology, mathematics, and philosophy. It has numerous applications in the real world like in computer gaming, language processing, expert systems, speech and image recognition, text recognition and much more. With this course, students will get the knowledge of fundamentals of modern artificial intelligence and its application in real life. This will open various paths to pursue their career in this discipline.  

Difficulties faced by a student while studying or writing artificial intelligence problems

Implementing applications in artificial intelligence requires a deep knowledge of various algorithms that are used to provide training to machines to function like the human brain. Students face difficulties in implementing these algorithms as it requires a sound knowledge of various programming languages. AI projects can be developed in any programming language as per the demand. One of the most important features of implementation is training the machine with appropriate training data. Finding the appropriate training data is one challenge for the students and then using it for their training purpose is another issue that they face. Neural science is itself a very complex concept to understand and when it comes to implementation it becomes more challenging. Many AI applications are very complex to understand and implement like, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, various biometrics applications etc. 

Few important tips to overcome from difficulties

Some important tips to solve artificial intelligence problems are to have in-depth knowledge of various algorithms that are required to be implemented. With half knowledge, it is very difficult to reach up to the final solution. So, one must concentrate on as election of inappropriate algorithm for solving the problem. As far as training data set is concerned there are many websites who allow you to download the training data set for artificial intelligence research problems. Along with this multiple Application Programming Interfaces (API) are also available to help students in solving AI problems. In thecae of solving problems based on machine learning a new programming language has emerged known as R programming. It allows students to implement the AI algorithm with ease and simplicity.

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