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Basic concepts of astronomy: 

When we talk about the blue sky, the common thing which comes into picture includes Sun, Moon, Stars, and Planets etc. But it's not the end. The list is very vast. There are many more objects which are existing on the space. How can we know about them? Is there any way? Yes of course. We can get a vast idea about the space and its components in detail by filed called Astronomy.

Astronomy is the study of Sun. Moon, Stars, Planets, Comet's, gas and other non-earthly bodies and the phenomena. According To NASA "the study of stars, planets, and space is astronomy." It is concerned with evolution, physics, chemistry, meteorology and movements of the celestial objects. Historically astronomy has shown interest on heavenly bodies. Ancient people depended on the stars to navigate across the world, keep track of the time and led to the inventions of almanac. Unlike historical astronomy, Modern astronomy has expanded its field to vast. With help of advancement in telescope a wide range of information about the space has been updated. Famous astronomers include Galileo- father of observational astronomy, Anaximander was a Greek Philosopher who made the first detailed maps of earth and sky. Astrobiology, Astrophysics, Planetary Science, Archaeoastronomy, Astrochemisrty are the branches of astronomy. Based upon the technique used for research, astronomy is divided as:

  • Astrometry- Study of the position of objects in the sky and change in the positions.
  • Observational astronomy- Observation of celestial objects by using telescope.
  • Photometry- Studies about the brightness of the objects when it is passed through different filters.
  • Spectroscopy- It studies about the spectra of astronomical objects.

The astronomical objects include Solar system, Sun, Galilean satellite, Halley's Comets, Stellar atmosphere, solar variation, Trans-Neptunian object, asteroids, and stellar objects.

The basic concepts that astronomy deals includes:

  • The celestial sphere: Concept which helps to imagine about the positions of objects in the sky. Looking up the sky we might imagine that it is a huge screen and the stars, moon and the sun are the points of light on that sphere.
  • Coordinate System/Right ascension/Declination: These systems are used to describe the direction of view and a height in the sky. These systems are familiar among the people and helps high degree of imaginations
  • Units

Astronomical unit:  Measures the distance of planets from the sun.

Light year: Distance that a light travels in a year.

Parsec: Measures the distance of stars.

Angles: Degrees are used to measure angles.

Luminosity: It is the expression of the total energy radiated by the star.

The main phenomena with which the study deals includes Atmosphere, Celestial pole, Solar/lunar Eclipse, Cosmic rays, Kepler's Law, Doppler effect, Proper motion, Nutation, Orbit, Redshift, Precession, Tides, Zodiac.

Importance of Astronomy:

Astronomy- the oldest of the natural science, is the only field in which experiment is conducted based on the imagination and assumption. It is used to monitor what's happening in space, especially in and out of the earth. The main apparatus used here is the telescope, with the help of which the celestial bodies are visualized. It is a field because of which we are able to view the space and its contents in search engines and comment about its beauty in social networks. Astronomy gives context to our place in the universe and that can reshape our ideas about the universe. The motion of astronomical objects determine the day night cycle, the season of years, the tides, the timing of eclipses and the visibility of comets and meteor showers.

To understand about the beginning and the ending of the universe we need guidance from astronomy. With the development of astronomy, we came to know how huge universe is and there are still lot more left for human discovery. The instruments and techniques which were developed for astronomy are now playing major role in all fields. It includes:

1. Communication: Antennas, Infrared radiations, Radio waves were first developed only for military and astronomy, but later these influenced in the developing GPS, internet and other tools and techniques that allow us to communicate.

2. Medicines: Medical imaging tools like computerized tomography, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), position emission tomography (PET)are discovered based upon the principlesof techniques of aperture synthesis of astronomy.

3. Industry: In industries too astronomy plays a vital role. The mega pixel of the cameras of the mobile phones is based on the principles of sensors for astronomical image capture.

4. Aerospace Sector: The solar blind photo counters developed by the astronomers are now used to detect toxic gases presence.

5. Everyday life: Chemical oxygen demand photometers developed by astronomers for measuring the light intensity, are now used by the cops to check the transparency of the car window. The WLAN using which we all are enjoying the internet and other networking is an astronomy derived technology. In airport X-ray observatory technology of astronomy is used in X-ray luggage checking belts.

The chances to find never before seen supernova, nova, comets, asteroids is very exciting, especially to non-professionals. Astronomy inspires works in the arts. From poetry and music to science fiction books and films, the ideas and discoveries of modern astronomy serve as inspiration for all living folks. The astronomy can be conveyed to non-professional through the planetariums and observatories, where they can get to know about what are our universe and its components. 

Tips to solve problem of astronomy:

The following tips will help you to solve the problem of astronomy:

1. Merely studying the principles and memorizing the terms and definition will never help. Experimental study is highly advisable in this field.

2. Understanding of the concept is must, as when the concept is clear then only flawless experiments are possible.

3.Taking hints and developing points will save time and will also improve the concentration ability.

4. Note making is another important practice. Taking notes during the lecture will give accurate knowledge about the particular topic.

5. Proper practicing of the concepts.

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