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What is C (Programming Language)?

C is an effective general purpose computer programming language. It is fast and available in all platforms; C is a good option if one starts to learn programming. It is a procedural language, which is designed to be compiled by straightforward compiler. It was designed to re-implement the Unix operating system and is now one of the most used programming language.

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Few challenges that students face while completing C programming assignment

Programming is the important and main skill for students who study computer science. It seems quite hard to most of the students in scoring good grades. Here some problems are discussed:

1. Basic and Conceptual knowledge

We all know that computer is now an important part of our lives, with the growth of modernization the use of computer is also increased, so many students are interested in studying computer science and building career in this field but it is not easy to learn this subject just by studying it theoretically, this is a practical subject which requires a lot of study and hard work. Studying it daily will not create last moment struggle and stress during examination and make basic concepts clear.

2. Subject is difficult

Programming is never easy for students but is it requires lots of revision and regular study to learn this subject. C is the milestone for learning all the programming language. Studying it regularly and on daily basis will make the basics strong and student will not face difficulties while studying it. Everything is impossible until we don't try to solve it, so studying it regularly will never let you face problems in it.

3. Being lazy

Students delay or postpone their homework and leave it for last day. This is not a good habit and it creates problem for some subjects like programming such subjects needs regular study on daily basis, whatever is taught in class should be revised same day by the students, they should not delay it for next day as during exam time it will be complex for them to study entire course in single day.

4. Notes-Making

All students must adopt the habit of notes-making as notes helps a lot during exam. You must write all the important keywords, definitions, programs, coding and the important topics of a particular chapter. Writing and reading it again will revise the same topic twice. Also, you can rely on the notes because all the important parts will be covered under that.

5. Managing your time

Time is the most valuable thing and should be used very precisely. A student should make a specific time table in which the time should be mentioned that how much time will be given to a particular interest, hobby or study. A student must give their time to studies after the college because study is more important than other fields of interest and the habit of studying regularly should be cultivated among them.

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