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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is developing in a very quick manner today. The generation today knows what exactly to look, which leads them searching the same on the various search engines. Furthermore users now are becoming progressively associated and influenced with the content they consume. SEO is forever changing. The search engines, and the way each one of us utilize is equally changing from time to time.

SEO is a very dynamic &volatile industry because of the many changes that take place in the Google algorithm over the time. The trends in place this year may not be the same in the next. It is an ever evolving phenomenon which engages the SEO specialists to keep them updated with the upcoming trends.

Let's talk about the trends which are dominating the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) today or in the time ahead!

Increased importance of Social media content -In the recent times, content from social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has gained more importance. More social media content is being indexed on Google and other popular search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. For any website, social media handles are always on the top while listing. For example, if you search "any company name" on search engine, the company's handle link of facebook and twitter will be on top. See for yourself!

Keywords are past now- The time today is of phrases. Nowadays usersdirectly write a sentence in the search engine and expect to get the exact detailsw.r.t. the matter i.e. precise numbers, history etc.... Users today love quick access to the information. The links provided during search help them get to the precise point.

Content is the technique ahead -The content delivered should be rich and with substantial relevant details. Rich content improves the customer's experience. When customers are happy, they will definitely buy products from the websites. This gives them an edge to choose between the websites. The better you are at giving customers what they want, chance of them coming back to you increases.

Ultimate user experience - It's no secret that promptness matters. Worldwide surveys have shown that slower-loading web-pages are associated with higher bounce and closure rates, and up to 40% of users are likely to abandon your site if it loads longer than 3 seconds. Thanks to the "lighter" HTML pages use, Google hosted AMP pages loads faster on the devices.

Voice search - Voice searchwas not a trend in the past but now it is really on and may increase its part in the coming years. One just needs to search and speak the requirement and you get the results without even typing the same. More convenient one can say... Although many people don't prefer voice search because the person next to you will also be listening to what you are browsing. But I find that this trend being more convenient which is definitely continue be in future & is not going anywhere.

Increased Mobile device users - The access to the mobiles devices has increased from the past.  Two years back mobile searches beat desktop searches for the first time ever. The amount of search being done directly on the phone has increased to a great extent as compared to be done on the desktop. Many e-commerce companies have shut down their website/desktop links and shifted to Mobile apps. It is an extreme important trend in 2017.There is many online grocery websites which single handed works on only Mobile-app handle. The pages are to be developed to be compatible for m-access.

Video Content - The video contents has been on the escalation for a slight while now, and it's not going anywhere in the near future. There is nothing wrong in saying that videos are the next content. With the new technologies i.e.Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram people are more or less getting addicted to videos. Webinars, step by step teaching, online conferences are seeing an increasing trend today where content is delivered through videos.  

Listing the local pages- This trend is only going stronger over the years. Today as a marketer, you have to let Google know your location and the local business pages in the nearby areas with the address & contact details etc. It is gaining significant importance so that businesses can be forced in local manner. Being near to the location makes the visit quick and increases consumer engagement. The one with the better reviews will always be a preference.

Being aware of these listed trends above will help you be more effective in your SEO efforts in the coming time. Companies should optimize on these trends and their marketing efforts to be continued according to these parameters to keep an edge in this direction. These will keep directing the traffic to the required websites.

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