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MILH 667 The Balkans: Conflict and Peace

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The MILH 667 The Balkans: Conflict and Peace Course will develop the understanding of the region known as Balkans and the causes behind the scenes of Balkan and the areas around. The students will evaluate the military history of the region called Balkans, and they will also explore the knowledge of the causes behind the long-running political, religious, and economic issues of the region.

The above-mentioned course will develop the skills in the students to understand deeper on the further research into the rise and fall of Yugoslavia and the emerging new States. This course will develop the understanding among the students about the Balkan region and the various factors of the intense conflict that led to the Balkans war and later into the big wars.  The students will understand the role of its strategic location in that the big powers of the country aim to have control over the Balkans.

The course will let the students assess the post World War II error from 1945 to the present. The course will have a main focus on the past in the present conflicts and confrontation of UN and NATO interventions, transition in government, and the pursuit of stability within the European community.

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