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ISSC 325 Biometrics

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The purpose of the ISSC 325 Biometrics course is to introduce students to biometrics, the study of recognizing individuals based on their unique behavioral and physical traits related to computer and information security. This is a highly technical course and covers topics like authentication, authorization, identification, and access control. All these will be done through a complex system based on a biometric perspective. Learners are also advised to put emphasis on the practical application of biometrics in real-life scenarios, providing a realistic view on the use of biometrics to combat emerging threats in information security. The assignment will test all or most aspects of the course mentioned above.

Most learners have a hard time writing the ISSC 325 Biometrics assignment for unique reasons. This is clearly manifested in the kind of solution they end up submitting. This course comes with complicated concepts that are not easily understood by some learners. 'Slow-learner' students need the concepts to be repeated to them over and over again until they fully understand them. The biggest challenge, however, is the inability to meet the deadline because of interruptions. Some students also have part-time jobs, and they rarely find enough time to write the assignment. Some students are unable to access the materials and tools required to write the assignment.

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