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In the present business scenarios, each and every entrepreneur must require online existence for spreading business and match-up the cut-throat competition. Fortunately, the advanced web technology provides a wide range of platforms which helps in developing flexible web applications and websites.

One of the most influential PHP Framework is Laravel. In a very short period of time, Laravel has achieved so much credibility. Laravel comprises outstanding qualities which rationalize arduous jobs, saves the considerable amount of time and control the total cost of development.  It is secure, flexible and powerful. High development speed and capability to use multiple modules as well increases its popularity and demand.

What is Laravel?

Laravel basically is an open source PHP framework widely used as a web development platform. It is mainly used for the implementation of MVC pattern by separating the logic codes from HTML. It as well handles the styling and logic of the web application. The security rules are implemented at the front level which enhanced the security of web applications. In general, the Laravel platform splits business logic code from the presentation to assist software developers to develop flexible web applications and websites.

 The developers of Laravel encompass 14 version upgrades so far. Laravel 5.5 is the recent upgrade launched. Undoubtedly, it is indeed the most excellent PHP platform which makes PHP more influential and faster.

Reasons to prefer Laravel PHP Framework for Web Development:

Laravel is a modern framework having a great prospect. Its main functionality is to develop web development process quickly and securely by providing communicative and elegant syntax. Laravel PHP Framework played a vital role in the success of businesses by fabricating flexible web applications and websites. It not just restructures the work procedure, however as well boost up the work efficiency. The modular packaging system, trouble-free syntax and high readability make Laravel preferred by the software developer. 

There is a huge number of reasons which makes Laravel the PHP framework. Some of these are as follows: 

1) Open Source: Laravel is an open source PHP framework which makes it free of charge and encompasses simple procedure for fabricating difficult web applications through code maintainability.

2) MVC Architecture Support: It makes sure the transparency between logic and presentation, following the MVC pattern. The MVC architecture enhances the efficiency, consent better documentation and comprises of multiple built-in functions.

3) Secure, fast and clear documentation: Laravel support Model View Controller by facilitating quick web development process. It provides clear, easy-to-understand documentation all along with better security which makes sure the flawless performance of the web applications and websites. By the use of Object Relational Mapping, the companies obtain custom-made website in a very short period of time.

4) Regular updates: This platform brings updates on a regular basis which makes web applications and websites proficient in handling the necessary business changes. The updated version is as well offer more enhanced security against cyber attacks and malware.

5) Similar to the framework such as Ruby on Rails, the developers as well get benefitted by the distinguished set of migrations. This facilitates developers to upgrade the database without difficulty. Simple methods of edition craft your applications run so fast.

6) Incorporated Tools: It comes with numerous built-in resources which simplify necessary tasks such as caching, routing and verification.

7) Middleware: This will look-after the requests of HTTP in the application. This mainly sorts out the requests and sends the unauthenticated users to the login page and let's proceeding with the requests of the authenticated users to the web applications.

8) Dynamic Error handling: The users are drastically affected by the errors. However, by the use of Laravel, the errors can be handled in a quite brilliant manner.

7) Authentication: The best feature concerning Laravel is that it crafts the authentication really simple and trouble-free, as the configuration file to be authenticated encompass documented options.

8) Pagination: Laravel makes the Pagination very simple. On the basis of the current page, the user can build up intelligent links rapidly.

9) Service container: Laravel service container is one of the top-most and robust tools which manage class dependencies and injection performance in an efficient manner.

10) Libraries and configuration: This platform supports many development backgrounds and as well adjusts itself where the applications are running. This is only possible because of the authorized libraries incorporated inside.

By means of the above-illustrated features of Laravel, it is clear that it is quite safe and as well the finest PHP framework in the business. This framework offers a packed promising prospect all along with numerous opportunities.

What Makes Laravel Different?

From the wide PHP framework, Laravel possesses a huge number of functions which distinguishes it from the remaining. Some of them are illustrated below:

1) Bundles: These are the appending packages which anyone can download and plug into the installation of the Laravel.

2) Eloquent ORM: This is most highly developed PHP framework implementation available. So far, Eloquent ORM is the greatest implementations available.

3) Migrations: In the project's arsenal, database migrations are a great service - particularly for the project in which multiple developers are concerned.

Summing it up:

From the above, we can sum up that Laravel is a proficient PHP Framework, possibly the most excellent and worthy one. In order to achieve fast outcomes, the developers of Laravel must properly cache the query outcomes all along with the 100% optimized codes. This can surely generate outstanding results and will be enhanced obviously.

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