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Harvard Referencing Assignment Writing Service

What is Harvard Referencing

The Harvard Referencing style is a type of a system that is preferred by most of the researchers, writers as well as students that allows them to incorporate other people's quotes, ideas and findings in their work that leads to its validation and conclusion without breaking any intellectual property laws. It is mostly used in humanities, and also in natural, social and behavioral sciences to make people complete their assignments and publications.

In a large pool of referencing systems, Harvard is considered one of the best known and most popular. Therefore, one has to choose the style in order to get started their work of research; publications or any book or guide.

Through Referencing, the writers acknowledge the domain of various information as well as ideas used in production of some work. As a result, it proves helpful to the reader so that he can calculate the depth and range of the writing and locate its origin.

Importance of Referencing in assignment writing

Referencing - Meaning

Referencing is a tool to recognize people's work. By using citation and reference at the end of the work, we can do referencing. It's that ­­easy and simple. Referencing is done for the purpose of enabling anyone to refer the original content of the material and verify it at the same time while he is going through your material simultaneously.

Reasons for Referencing:-

1. To provide support to an argument.

2. To make any claim or to provide evidence or proof.

3. To provide evidence regarding the content of the reading

4. To avoid plagiarism, i.e.; to take other people's ideas, thoughts and research material/work and use them as your own work.

5. To enable the reader of your work to identify the mentioned references easily so that he may note it down and can form his interpretations easily. He may also keep it for his future reference.

6. To avoid losing marks.


Referencing is very critical and important when it comes to writing at University because it consolidates all the people's/researchers shared knowledge in one single platform.

We can also say that it is very important because when it comes to referring one should be very careful because using somebody else's thoughts or ideas without his/her proper acknowledgement is considered as a form of cheating and academic or intellectual dishonestly. One should be very careful when it comes to reference acknowledgments in order to avoid any kind of legal trouble in the future.

Writing is also enhanced by proper referencing which ultimately assists the readers by way of:-

  • Strengthening the core academic argument
  • The readers can verify the information
  • Giving readers the liberty to consult the various sources independently.
  • Showcasing your capability of understanding of academic requirements.
  • Recognizing others for their contribution through acknowledgments.
  • Rewarding people for their valuable contribution.
  • Demonstrating the breadth of research.
  • The sources of the information can be shown to the readers.

Note: Appropriate referencing is needed to avoid plagiarism, that means taking someone else's thoughts, ideas or words and using it as their own like their own property which is a false practice.

How do we help students in writing Harvard Referencing Assignments

Assignments writing notes and guidelines:-

1.  Firstly, try to build a routine of recording and summarizing bibliographic data and information and the relevant page numbers at the moment you (the students) are accessing the source.

2. Consistency - This is probably one of the most specific and important rules of referencing so far. Make sure to apply the same source of format consistently throughout.

3. Avoid doing plagiarism - Make sure to differentiate between your notes and ideas with somebody else's notes and ideas to avoid any kind of confusion or error in your work assignment. You can use different tools also to help yourself like a marker or a coloured highlighter pen etc.

4. To make your data look arranged and organized you should arrange it in alphabetical order especially when you are extracting it from various different sources.

5. You can always take guidance from your tutor or senior to get some quality information because experience matters the most.

6. For each text in your dissertation one should make a corresponding entry in the reference list unless it is extracted from some random unrecoverable source.

7. Make sure you devote plenty of time in your work assignment and crosscheck your reference list in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes and errors before the final submission of your material. There are chances that those mistakes might result in cutting of marks.

8. Make sure that you visit the University library website for the tutorials on the topic managing references using the software's like Endnote or Reworks etc.

9. One can download or copy the templates available on the website to record the available bibliographic data for the reference.

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