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Transforming Nursing and Healthcare Through Technology

These courses are provisions of efficient and effective care and nursing information science is examined keeping in mind the nursing qualification in this course. In this course, students study how to improve health care and nursing exercises in public health and organizations and how to use information science for improvement. Inside the course, students will have the opportunity to investigate the collection of knowledge and health information.

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Below are some of the relevant courses are as shown below, in which proficient and skilled tutors ExpertsMinds precisely deal with:

  • NURS 3000 - Issues and Trends in Nursing
  • NURS 6210 - Healthcare Finance and Budgeting
  • NURS 3005 - The Context of Healthcare Delivery
  • NURS 4015 - Public and Global Health
  • NURS 6006 - Issues and Trends in Nursing
  • NURS 3015 - Pathopharmacology
  • NURS 6101 - Policy and Politics in Nursing and Healthcare
  • NURS 8100 - Healthcare Policy and Advocacy
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