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TLMT 602 RFID Uses in Logistics

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The TLMT 602 RFID Uses in Logistics course will teach students how to analyze and advise decision-makers in the use of RFID technology compared to the use of bar code tracking systems in logistics and transportation applications. Learners will be able to describe the history, rationale, and management impact of why this technology was mandated by the Department of Defense and Wal-Mart in January 2005 to be used on all shipping pallets and containers. Learners will classify and elaborate on how different active and passive RFID technology can be used to increase product movement and storage visibility along supply chains. Students will analyze and compare how a real-world application of this technology is improving logistics visibility in a military or retail environment. Learners will design an implementation plan to incorporate RFID technology as part of a real-world business model. Learners will work in a team environment as well as individuals in creating a series of written papers on the current state of the art in using RFID technology to meet the retail or military transportation and logistics needs. Learners will conduct an informal survey of military or retail decision-makers to learn how to appraise qualitative as well as quantitative data and reports of the use of this technology.

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