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Sport Administration

In the SS 420 Sport Administration course, students will study employee development and evaluation, human resource management, financial management, motivation, budgeting, and interpersonal communication. In the SS 420 Sport Administration course, students are taught the principles of finance, administration, sports organizations, economics, and decision-making processes related to facilities, events, and programs. In this course, students will be taught to identify and demonstrate the principles underlying sport management and sport development in the United States.  In this course, the student will be taught to understand, recognize and apply constitutional, tort and contract legal matters and aspects. In the course, students will be widely exposed to sports management under the supervision of practitioners and faculty.

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Know about the following relevant courses which are covered by the tutors of ExpertsMinds:

  • SS - 150 Introduction to Sport Management
  • SS - 430 International Sport Tourism: Issues and Impacts
  • SS - 499 Independent Study
  • SS - 300 Global Sport: The DeSales Experience
  • SS - 343 Governance of Sport and Athletic
  • SS - 100 History and Philosophy of Sport
  • SS - 230 Facility Planning and Event Management
  • SS - 440 Current Issues and Problems in Sport Management
  • SS - 340 Sociological and Psychological Issues In Sport
  • SS - 200 Sport Management and Leadership
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